JKU for International Employees.

Has your employment application been accepted? Congratulations! We are delighted to welcome you on board and to the JKU team!

The International Welcome Center is your first point of contact for questions regarding your stay at the JKU and in Austria.

Our Services:

Working at the JKU:

With over 24,000 enrolled students and approximately 3,900 employees, the JKU is Upper Austria's largest institution for education and research.

Becoming more international is important to us here at the JKU, especially as we move forward in a complex world. Approximately 20% of our employees have an international background. 

There is a lot to be said about working at the JKU. We not only offer exciting jobs, we are also well organized and our employees enjoy a wide range of benefits.

We conduct broad-based research at the JKU and collaborate with internationally renowned colleagues in academia and industry. We not only enjoy partnership agreements and joint programs with some of the world’s best universities, we cooperate with a variety of successful companies located in the region, in Austria, and abroad.

Research at the JKU

There are a variety of open positions at the JKU. In addition to faculty positions, we have a wide range of job opportunities in university administration.

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zwei Studierende, die im Labor arbeiten

Employee Services:

To help ease the transition to your new workplace, the JKU has created a well-structured 'onboarding' process.
During your first day, your supervisor will welcome you to your new workplace. You will meet your team and get any equipment you need to perform your job duties.

You will sign your employment contract and receive your employee ID card, also known as the "JKU Card". The chip on your card also contains your parking permit (if you choose to purchase a permit), allows you to access copying services, and also serves as your library card. 
In order to use your computer and access the JKU's IT services, when you begin working, you will have to first activate your JKU account. You will then be able to access a wide range of internal JKU services.

During the first weeks/months and depending on your job position, you will receive information about various welcome and introductory events (i.e., the Welcome Breakfast). There you learn more about the JKU, the university's history, structure and organization as well as meet those who have also recently started working at the JKU.

The "JKU Balance" initiative is a program to support physical and psychosocial health. The company physician is also available to answer any health-related questions you may have. Click here to learn more.

The JKU Works Councils represent JKU employees vis-à-vis university management. They negotiate company agreements and monitor compliance with these agreements as well as with corresponding laws and develop proposals to improve working conditions, safety, etc.
Click here for detailed information about the Works Councils' services.

JKU employees are also members of the Chamber of Labor, opens an external URL in a new window, which advises on matters of labor and tax law, work and family, education and health at work.

KIDSVERSITY is the JKU's high-quality childcare program for children between the ages of 1 and 12. Childcare services are available to both JKU students and employees; hours can be flexibly arranged. Click here to learn more.

As part of the university's internal professional development program, the JKU offers employees an opportunity to take part in a variety of continuing education courses. Classes range from IT & administration and research & teaching to personal development, how to work effectively as part of a team, etc. These courses are mostly offered free of charge. In addition, there are opportunities to not only take part in continual education classes offered by external providers, but also apply for financial support at the JKU to attend these courses or programs. See the Department of Human Resource Development homepage to learn more.

The Office of Dual Career Services at the JKU provides support services for professors and their families by being available for questions regarding housing, childcare, schools, the healthcare system, as well as career opportunities for spouses or partners. Click here to learn more.

Each semester, the University Sports Institute offers over 150 different, very affordable sports & exercise classes ranging from conventional types of sports and the latest trends in exercise to more low-key fitness classes. Click here to learn more.

The Vice-Rectorate for Research, Gender and Diversity, the Department for Research Services and Knowledge Transfer, the Department of IPR Management, the Ombudsman's Office to Safeguard Good Scientific Practices, and the Department of Gender & Diversity Management offer services related to the topic of research. Click here to learn more.


Human Resource Management

The Department of Human Resource Management plays an important role for both the JKU and its employees. HR staff assists employees in all matters regarding labor law when starting at the JKU. 

Human Resource Development, Gender & Diversity Management

The Department of Human Resource Development, Gender & Diversity Management is responsible for issues relating to human resources and organizational development, as well as gender-specific agendas, such as the advancement of women, diversity, and work/life balance.

Committee for Equal Opportunities

The Committee for Equal Opportunities is a legally established independent body counteracting discrimination of all kinds against university employees.
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