Bank Building.

Campus Location

The Bank Building is located between the Management Center, the Physics Building, the Central Lecture Hall building and the Microelectronics building.

JKU Campusplan Bankengebäude

Overview of Rooms

Seminar Rooms Room Number Capacity
Seminar Room BA 9907 BA 9907 32
Seminar Room BA 9908 BA 9908 40
Seminar Room BA 9909 BA 9909 30
Seminar Room BA 9910 BA 9910 80
Seminar Room BA 9911 BA 9911 80
Seminar Room BA 9912 BA 9912 42

Overview of Available Services

Entrepreneur.Base Ground Floor

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Raiffeisen Landesbank of Upper Austria ATM, Self-Service Foyer, and Financial Advising Services


Overview of Departments


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Department of Finances and Shareholding Management

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Office of the Dean - Faculty of Social Sciences,
Economics and Business (SOWI)

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Office of the Dean - Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences (TN)

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Overview of Institutes

Research Institute for Banking and Finance

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