There are many ways to get to the JKU. The biggest question students ask themselves when driving to campus is: Where can I park?  The JKU campus is a car-free zone, however there are parking lots located close to campus.

There are three parking lots near campus and one underground car park located below the Science Park. In total, there are approximately 1,750 parking spaces available, of which about 800 spots are for short-term parkers. The rest is reserved for long-term parkers.  You can access the main campus P1 parking lot from Altenberger Straße or from  Mengerstraße.


Car-Free Campus

The JKU campus is a car-free zone. The parking spaces on campus are only for handicap parking, service vehicles, emergency vehicles, or deliveries between 6.00 - 9.00 AM.

Department of Facilities Management

Service Center


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz


Kopfgebäude Bldg., 1st Floor, Rm. 102


Mon-Thurs: 7.00 AM - 5.00 PM
Fri: 7.00 AM - 1.00 PM

Overview of Accessible Parking Lots

Campus Parking
  Outside Lot P1 Outside Lot P2 Underground Garage T3 Outside Lot P4

Parking for Students / Visitors

600 - 200 -

Parking for Long-Term Parkers

600 100 200 50
Total 1200 100 400 50

Parking Fees

Day Rate for Students

€ 2.20        

Day Rate for Students (Underground garage, 12 hours)

€ 3.30 (afterwards € 0.50 / each 30 minutes)

Day Rate for Visitors

€ 1.00 for 30 minutes

Semester Parking Permit for Students

€ 109.00

Parking fees apply on Sundays and holidays.

Parking Ticket Machines

P1 Outside Parking Lot

  • At the entrance of Altenbergerstraße
  • Management Center
  • Kopfgebäude Building (near In-House Services)
  • TN Tower (near the parking lot)
  • Semiconductor Physics Bldg.

P2 Outside Parking Lot

  • At the lot exit

T3 Underground Garage

  • Science Park 1 - Staircase 1
  • Science Park 1 - Staircase 2
  • Science Park 2 - At the south stairwell access
  • Science Park 3 -At the north stairwell access

Semester Parking Permit

Students can purchase a semester parking permit at the Department of Facilities Management using their JKU Card. The permit costs €109  for the semester and can be paid for in cash, by using your ATM card, or by bank transfer.  When entering or exiting the parking lot, place the chip on your JKU card on the black reader field on the machine to raise the parking barrier.


Handicap Parking

Handicapped individuals who have an ID card in accordance with §29b StVO are permitted to use the green marked paths to drive on to campus and access the Science Park (T3) underground garage and are not subject to paying the parking fee. Handicap parking spaces are located:


  • Between the Hochschulfond Bldg. and the Lecture Tract building, 4 spaces
  • Between the Juridicum Bldg. and the Physics bldg., 2 spaces
Campus Map

Parking and Boarding for Busses

There is turn-around loop for busses and other vehicles on Altenbergerstraße across the street from Schloss Auhof. Busses may stop briefly so that passengers can board or disembark. A parking area for buses is located under the "Mühlkreis" highway bridge on the Freistädter Straße, just at the entrance to Lake Plesching.


Bicycle Stands

Bicycle stands are located on campus:


  • At the front of the TN Tower
  • Between the Microelectronics Building annd the Semiconductor Physics Building
  • At the front of the Management Center
  • At both ends of the Keplergebäude Building
  • At the front of the Uni Center (University Cafeteria)
  • Between the JKU Science Park buildings 1 and 2
  • Behind the JKU Science Park 2 building
  • Behind the JKU Science Park 3 building
Map for Bikes

Parking Rules and Regulations