Research Documentation (FoDok).

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Do you have a question about our Research Documentation? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive:

The JKU's FoDok system contains the following research accomplishments at the JKU, along with the name of the responsible research department:

  • Publications: Books, journal articles and compilations, research reports, editorial activities, etc.
  • Presentations: Invitations to speak and present, (keynote) presentations at conference and symposia, poster presentations, post-doctorate presentations, etc.
  • Research Projects: Academic and scientific projects that have been grant-funded or given in contract, Diploma degree theses, dissertations, and post-doctorate studies, etc.
  • Scientific Community Services (SCS): Expert review activities, positions and memberships, organized academic and scientific conferences and symposia, longer stays abroad, etc.
  • Inventions: Issued patents


Not necessarily as others who have conducted research with a member at the JKU will also be listed.
However, each listed research accomplishment must include a minimum of one JKU researcher who was actively involved in the study.

Select Research Departments in the menu and und browse through the JKU's organizational structure.

Each respective research department is responsible for entering, maintaining, and updating the information.

The Intellectual Capital Report only contains certain types of research accomplishments that were entered, reviewed, and released to FoDok before a specific deadline.
Information about research accomplishments entered at a later date, or not released in time by the team leader, cannot be considered.

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