International Students.

Do you have international educational qualifications and wish to pursue a degree at the JKU Linz? Then you've come to the right place!

The International Welcome Center is your first point of contact for organizational questions regarding your stay at the JKU and in Austria.

Our Services:

What we can help you with...

  • Questions about living in Linz and Austria.
  • Explaining more about the admissions procedure and our academic degree programs.
  • Providing student support to (prospective) students by sharing official information and official websites.
  • Directing (prospective) students to the correct department(s) depending on their needs.

What we cannot help you with...

  • Mediating between (prospective) students and service providers, such as accommodation agencies/companies.
  • Acting on behalf of (prospective) students in matters involving embassies, consulates, and/or local authorities.
  • Completing formalities related to admissions and/or course registration.
  • Asking authorities to expedite residency applications.

If you wish to study at the JKU as an international, degree-seeking student, please note the following:

The JKU offers a wide range of academic degree programs in English, including dual-language degree programs that are generally offered in German; however, depending on the demand and the degree program, some of the courses can also be held in English.

All of our academic degree programs

The IWC does not provide academic advising services. If you have detailed questions about an academic degree program, please contact the Office of Student Information & Academic Advising.

If you are an international student and wish to enroll as a degree-seeking student in order to pursue an academic degree at the JKU, you must first apply for admission.

Please note that there are special admissions procedures if you hold educational qualifications from Germany, South Tyrol, Liechtenstein and would like to enroll in a Bachelor's degree program.

Processing your application can take several months, so we strongly recommend submitting your application promptly. The admissions procedure varies depending on your citizenship and educational background, so please read through the instructions to apply very carefully.

Information regarding admission is available here:

The IWC is not involved in the admissions process. If you have specific questions regarding the application, the processing time, documents, etc. contact the Admissions Office.


Applications submitted by an agency or intermediary placement organization is illegal and will not be processed.

...what else is good to know about studying at the JKU?

How much will my studies cost?

Tuition Fees:
Degree-seeking students holding Austrian, EU, or EEA citizenship are exempt from paying tuition fees when completing studies within the designated period of study as outlined in the curriculum (plus two additional semesters of "tolerance"). Third-country nationals (with some exceptions) are subject to paying tuition fees.

The tuition fees are:

  • for degree-seeking students aside from the duration of studies + the additional semesters of "tolerance" € 363,36 / semester (last update: winter term 2022/2023).
  • for third-country nationals € 726,72  / semester (last update: winter term 2022/2023).

Austrian Student Union Fee:
All students are required to pay the mandatory Austrian Student Union fee each semester. The fee is € 22,70 (last update: winter term 2023/2024).

Click here for detailed information about the Austrian Student Union fee and the tuition fees.

The Studies Introduction and Orientation Phase (StEOP) helps first-year students learn more about their selected major, providing a detailed overview of their degree program's curriculum. The StEOP requirements include mandatory courses that students must take and pass at the beginning of their studies.

We strongly recommended taking the required StEOP courses during your first semester, ideally during the Winter Semester, as courses offered during the second semester will build on content from the first-semester courses. Check the curriculum for your degree program to see what StEOP courses you are required to take and pass.

Students (particularly those starting during the Summer Semester) must bear in mind they may only be able to take certain other courses before successfully completing the StEOP requirements.
To learn more, see our FAQs section:

Are there sports & exercise classes for students?
Each semester, the University Sports Institute (USI) organizes and offers over 150 different, very affordable sports and exercise classes ranging from conventional sports and the latest trends in fitness and well-being to more relaxed exercise programs. Click here to learn more.

How do combine my studies with my childcare responsibilities?
The JKU believes in providing a child-friendly infrastructure and helping parents balance academic studies along with any childcare responsibilities they may have. You can learn more at: Studying as a Parent.

Are there services for students who have disabilities or chronic illnesses?
The JKU strives to create accessibility throughout the entire campus. The Institute for Integrated Studies offers comprehensive services for students who have disabilities/ chronic illness.

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The Office of Studies Information & Advising Services

The Office of Studies Information & Advising Services is your first point of contact if you have general questions regarding your studies, organizing your studies, or if you are not sure about who to contact in regard to a specific matter.

The Office of Examination and Recognition Services

If you have any questions regarding your studies, academic credit transfer, etc., please contact the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services.

Admissions Office

The Admissions Office provides information about, among other things, admission requirements, qualifications for admission, and tuition fees.
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