Study Education at the JKU.

Stay hungry for knowledge. Share experiences. Inspire young people. The reason you wish to be an educator - and the JKU has created the ideal environment and science-based teacher education program so you can share your love of learning.

The School of Education, "JKU SoE", is THE competence center for education, didactics and educational research at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. In cooperation with the universities of education and other universities throughout Upper Austria and Salzburg (Cluster Mitte), the JKU SoE will serve as a cornerstone as you pursue your studies to become an educator.

These locations offer a total of 28 subject areas, including concentrations. As part of the Bachelor's-Master's system, you will learn about the academic and scientific foundations and get hands-on, classroom experience from the first semester on.

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In the field of education, the JKU also offers a Diploma degree program in Business Education, a Master's degree program in Political Education, and a post-graduate program in School Management. Click here to learn more.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an educator, see, opens an external URL in a new window to find out more about this exciting and rewarding profession!

Teacher Education Studies Secondary Level (General Education)


Master's of Education (MEd)


12 semesters


360 credits


German (Level C1)


Upper Austria & Salzburg
(Cluster Mitte)



What Makes Teacher Education Studies at the JKU Special

  • A focus on STEM subjects: This naturally speaks to you if you plan to teach math, computer science/informatics, natural sciences, or technology. Our program is strongly based in science and provides numerous opportunities to acquire real-world, classroom experience. (Facultiy of Engineering & Natural Sciences at the JKU, the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT), the JKU Cool Lab, the JKU Open Lab, and more!)
  • Field experience starting in the first semester: School classes visit us here on campus, and the Center for Pedagogical Practical Studies (PPS) is at your side during your initial learning experience in the classroom at one of the JKU's many I and II secondary level partner schools. 
  • Science & Research in Education: Get up close and personal. You will have access to top scholars in the areas of STEM education and educational research - their academic work drives cutting-edge educational issues.

Subject Areas & Areas of Concentration at the JKU

Teacher training at the JKU focuses on educational sciences, didactics in STEM subject areas, and the subject areas of mathematics, computer science(informatics, physics and chemistry.

In addition, the JKU is involved in teaching educators how to teach the following subjects: Biology and Environmental Studies, History and Social Studies/Political Education, Geography and Economics, Psychology and Philosophy as well as English.

STEM Didactics

The JKU focuses strongly on didactics in STEM subject areas. This includes teaching theory in education, classroom instruction, as well as how to teach mathematics, computer science/informatics, natural sciences, and technology.

As part of supervised courses and internships, Individual teams work on the respective subject-area didactics:

  • Didactics in Biology
  • Didactics in Chemistry
  • Didactics in Computer Science/Informatics
  • Didactics in Mathematics
  • Didactics in Physics
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Many schools throughout Austria use this software developed at the JKU in support of the written Matura examination. The JKU's Teacher Education Program focuses strongly on teaching students how to use and apply educational technology in the classroom.

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Educational Research

The Department of Educational Research at the JKU School of Education is responsible for research and teaching in the following subject areas:

  • Education
  • Educational Psychology

In the areas of education and as part of the Teacher Education Program, this department is responsible for a base-knowledge understanding in educational sciences as well as for the subject areas of pedagogy and psychology in the Business Education program as well as in the Master's degree program in Civic Studies.

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Initial Field Experience

The Center for "Pedagogical Practical Studies (PPS)" gives you learning opportunities and classroom experience at schools (as well as in other educational fields).

  • Design, observe, and reflect on lessons - apply your job-relevant skills and learn by doing
  • Train core elements in the area of education: Use of language, inclusive approaches, diversity, personal and social skills, media skills
  • Experience personal growth as we provide support to develop professional and media skills
  • Qualified and experienced educators will guide and support you throughout the process

The JKU collaborates with a large number of schools to ensure you acquire hands-on, classroom experience at all different teyps of schools at the I and II secondary level.

Students in the Bachelor's program in Secondary Education are required to complete a total of six internships worth 10 ECTS credits. Detailed information about introductory, subject-specific, and advanced internships., opens in new window

The Center for Pedagogical-Practical Studies


The COOL Lab is an opportunity to learn more about basic digital education and the curriculum content in "Digital Basic Education (Secondary Level I)". You will not only apply what you have learned when teaching in your subject area at the COOL Lab, you will also experience a real-world classroom environment, acquire initial classroom experience together with various target groups, and work on projects together with school classes and their teachers.

Along with other STEM lab programs, the JKU COOL Lab gives you an opportunity to work, learn and conduct research in a cross-disciplinary way.

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The JKU Open Lab

Highly motivated student teachers in chemistry are also welcome to help out at the JKU Open Lab! The Open Lab holds early-education classes and you could also earn a little extra money.

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Courses, Mentoring, Tutoring, Grants.

To help you get started in your first semester, many subject areas in the teacher education program offer mentoring and tutoring.

In the area of chemistry, for example, student teachers start in their own group, making it easier to start your studies and get to know your classmates quickly. This is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, create study groups, or simply make new friends! Student groups work closely with chemistry departments at the JKU and you, as a student teacher, can acquire a deeper understanding of current research topics in chemistry and work on ongoing research sudies.

The JKU Honors Program

There are also support services for gifted students! You can develop additional skills (i.e. didactics, digital skills), and actively take part at the COOL Lab or as part of research projects to broaden your experience.

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Your Career Prospects

The Master's degree program qualifies you to teach at the following schools:


  • General secondary-level schools (AHS),
  • Vocational middle or higher-level schools (i.e. HAK, HAS, HLW, HTL) 
  • middle schools (MS)
  • Polytechnic schools (PTS) 
  • Special education schools

Degree Programs

Bachelor's & Master's Degree Programs

PhD / Doctorate Degree

The program focuses on modern didactic approaches as well as technology-enhanced learning environments. Doctoral degree candidates are encouraged to independently conduct high-quality research to present at international conferences and for publication in international journals. You will be supervised by international educators from Austria and abroad.

As a graduate of the Master's degree program in Teacher Education Studies (General Education), you can also opt pursue the following PhD program.

Addition Degree Programs Including Educaton

The JKU also offers the following degree programs and post-graduate programs in Education.


  • School Management Education Post-Graduate / Personal Development Program

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„I appreciate the personal contact with faculty members as well as the professional program that also provides insight into current research.“
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Teacher Education Studies in Mathematics & Physics
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