Transformation Studies.
Art x Science for Transformation

A new "Transform!" degree program - a joint program by the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

Imagination, a visionary mindset, creativity, and a passion to conduct experiments. Two universities are bringing art and science together, creating a new space to support the synergy needed to address tomorrow's challenges.

Our every-day lives are affected by digitalization, climate change, and social change processes. In an effort to continue to effectively respond to these new times and changing parameters, we need to apply the right approaches and skills to positively manage and transform change as well as improve our understanding and boost our level of expertise.


Art cross Science!

The Johannes Kepler University Linz and the University of Applied Arts Vienna have joined forces to create a space at the crossroads of art and science by creating an inter-university "Art x Science School for Transformation" (pronounced Art cross Science School for Transformation).


Art x Science School for Transformation

Transform! Studies

Bachelor's in Transformation Studies. Art x Science

PhD Transformation Studies. Art x Science


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Art x Science School for Transformation

The School pools the universities’ strengths and expertise in order to confront the pressing issues of our time as well as viably shape the interdisciplinary future of education and research.


Students will learn how to harness the transformative creative force by combining art and science to discover how to come up with solutions and effectively confront global, ecological, social, and digital change processes.

Art x Science

The New "Transform! Studies"

In Fall 2023, the English-language Bachelor's degree program, "Transformation Studies. Art x Science", was launched, to be followed by a PhD program of the same name in Fall 2024.


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The Bachelor's Degree Program

The following link will provide you with additional information about the Bachelor’s degree program.


What Makes the "Transformation Studies. Art x Science" Program Special

  • Tools and Skills to Help You Be Creative
    The program introduces you to a unique combination of artistic and academic/scientific approaches, methods, and strategies, enabling you to understand and analyze current transformations (climate change, digitalization, etc.) and independently devise potental solutions. In effort to help you develop new ideas and solutions, students learn more about the transformative power of creativity, how to think "outside-of-the-box", and how to apply cross-disciplinary approaches.
  • Spanning from Media Theory to Robotics - A Unique Interdisciplinary Approach
    The program includes courses in artificial intelligence, media theory & aesthetics, social entrepreneurship, robotics, artistic & creative strategies, social & economic sciences, as well as innovation law. In addition to in-depth expertise and a broad understanding of art context and science, the program also focuses on honing your creative, social, and communication skills.
  • New Formats to Acquire a More Sustainable Understanding
    Right from the start of the semester, you will experience a program that not only features innovative educational formats (in-class and online), but also focuses on project-oriented learning. You can take advantage of an opportunity to actively take part as well as enjoy the freedom to define your own thematic focus. 
  • Two Universities, Two Locations of Study
    You study in both Vienna and in Linz, benefitting from different learning spaces and workshops located at both universities.

Your Career Prospects

The program prepares you to be a collaborative part of complex transformative projects and processes. As part of an interdisciplinary team, you will be in a unique position to take on roles that include being an initiator, facilitator, coordinator, moderator, or a mediator.

You are qualified to work in diverse areas (public institutions, the academic/scientific sector, the private sector,...) as well as support, design, and take responsibility for projects involving a wide range of participants/stakeholders.

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree program are qualified to pursue interdisciplinary graduate degree programs and courses at the JKU, the Vienna University of Applied Arts, as well as at other universities.

Nefertiti by Fouad Samy Ismael/Studio TransArts, Production: Angewandte Robotics Lab, 2020 © the Applied/Philipp Hornung Nefertiti by Fouad Samy Ismael/Studio TransArts, Production: Angewandte Robotics Lab, 2020 © the Applied/Philipp Hornung ©die Angewandte/Philipp Hornung

An Alliance in Support of Creative Innovation

In the past, the JKU and like-minded partners formed an alliance to support creative innovation. Under the motto "Innovation through Universitas", a joint manifesto was introduced. 


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