Why Study at the JKU?

Are you interested in studying at the JKU or are already studying at another university and would like to transfer? Here are 10 reasons why you should most definitely consider pursuing a degree at the JKU:

1. The Choice is Yours

There are 64 fields of studies to choose from at the JKU. Our programs are contemporary, consistently updated, and constantly growing. And because making a choice is not always easy, the JKU offers comprehensive and individual academic advising services. We want to help you find the degree program that best suits your interests and talents.

Academic Degree Programs

2. Be at the Cutting-Edge.

At the JKU, you are part of an institution that contributes significantly to advancements in technology and social development. The JKU is conducting cutting-edge, pioneering work. This includes being Austria's first university to create a "WirelessCampus" and providing free, unlimited and comprehensive internet access to all students.

3. We Offer Opportunties.

Upper Austria is one of Austria's strongest economic states; a center of industry that is the perfect place for students as exports produced here annually are worth billions.  The advantageous conditions facilitate numerous research projects in cooperation with industrial partners so you can practice what you have learned during your studies and make important contacts.

4. It's All About You.

Everything is close by: The lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories, the library and the cafeteria. The student residences, but also banks, shops and restaurants are only a stone's throw away. In theory, you could live and study here without ever leaving the university area. But you wouldn't want to because Linz has so much more to offer!

5. Take Some Time to Unwind.

There are countless ways to enjoy some R&R in addition to your studies: experience one of the legendary cafeteria "Mensa parties" at the student pub Lui or enjoy a cappuccino at the JKU TeichWerk café.  The University Sports Institute (USI) offers over 150 sports and recreational courses, providing a healthy balance to studies.

University Sports Institute (USI)

6. Forward-Thinking Programs

Are you young? The JKU is, too. Founded in 1966, the JKU is one of Austria's newer universities. This gives the JKU a unique opportunity to pursue innovative paths and many important areas of research began here in Austria - even Europe - such as degree programs in mechatronics, computer science and even marketing.  The new JKU Science Park is a state-of-the-art teaching and research facility that will take you to the next level.

7. This is Where It's Happening.

Linz has moved far beyond the constraints of its “steel town” image.  There's a lot going on! The 2009 Capital of Culture has much to offer: in addition to musicals, concerts, and festivals, the city center attracts night owls to its many bars and event locations.


8. Get Your Work Done.

The Main Campus Library at the heart of the JKU campus is home to over 1,250,000 books - all available free of charge. The library also provides access to over 1,200 print journals, 22,000 e-Journals and 23,000 e-Books. And, with over 150,000 books and 20,000 journal volumes, the JKU is home to Austria's largest law library.

Main Campus Library

9. Combine Studies and Parenting Responsibilities

The JKU proudly offers resources for parents studying at the JKU, including flexible childcare services, diaper changing tables located in most campus buildings, and a committed family counseling center. In fact, the JKU has been presented with an award by the Austrian Federal Ministry as one of Austria's most family-friendly companies in the public sector.

Flexible childcare service

10. You Can't Study on an Empty Stomach.

They say you can't study on an empty stomach. And employees at the JKU cafeteria take this to heart. In 2012, the university cafeteria was awarded the 4th "kettle" - a special award for excellence in providing local, healthy, and sustainable cuisine. The JKU "Mensa" is ranked number 1 in among Austrian canteen kitchens and second in Europe. Incidentally, 2,600 meals are served daily. Well then: Bon appetit!