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at the LIT.

Can the beat of a butterfly's wing trigger a tornado? Do you love the language of numbers? Did you know that the periodic table of elements is 150 years old and new elements are still being discovered?

Your degree in natural sciences gives you an opportunity to learn about understanding the connections and correlations of our planet as you explore the wonders and changes of nature. You focus on renewable forms of energy, new medicines, the fundamentals for quantum computers, or mathematical algorithms used for artificial intelligence.

Chemistry, physics, mathematics, molecular biology and much more - if you love to get to the bottom of things, you will find many exciting academic degree programs in natural sciences here. Choose from a wide range of programs and combine theory with hands-on, real-world practices in modern laboratories at the Johannes Kepler University.

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„Linz offers the advantages of city life but has beautiful green spaces as well. That, and the large number of programs available in the field of natural sciences, make the JKU the perfect place for me to study.“
Magdalena Freudenthaler
Graduate, Teacher Education Studies in Mathematics and Physics
Studierende Magdalena Freudentaler im Science Park stehend