JKU International - Begin Your Journey

Education also means broadening your horizons and learning to think outside of the box.

Current facts and figures show that the JKU encourages thinking outside of the box and that exchange students and international professors from abroad enjoy first-hand insight into the JKU:

11% of the student body is made up of international students, there are approximately 100 different nationalities on campus, there is a network of 200 international partner universities, the JKU offers 18 majors in English; 11 of which can be completed in English, there is an active exchange of visiting professors, we organize a variety of international events, symposia, and we collaborate with research partners and others worldwide partners.

The following pages provide information for international degree-seeking students as well as exchange students from partner universities who would like to spend one or two semesters at the JKU learning more about our country and our university.

If you are enrolled at the JKU and would like to go abroad, you can learn more about scholarships, international and European programs (such as ERASMUS+), as well as how a stay abroad through an academic, personal and intercultural exchange will best benefit you.

The JKU Welcomes You!

International Degree-Seeking Students

Are you an international student looking to earn an academic degree at the JKU Linz?

We look forward to welcoming you to the JKU Linz!


Exchange Students

Would you like to spend a semester abroad at the JKU?

Does your home university have a partnership agreement with the JKU? We look forward to receiving a nomination from your home university and then welcoming you to the JKU!

Go Abroad with the JKU.

Are you enrolled at the JKU and want to experience living abroad?

Take advantage of the JKU's outstanding international contacts and spend one semester or even a whole academic year abroad. Or are you interested in a shorter stay abroad? There are several options! And best of all: As a JKU student, there are a number of available scholarships at your disposal.