Rector Lukas at the 2021 Ars Electronica press conference.

Ars Electronica Festival: A New Digital Deal

The fact that digitization is changing our world is not new, but the way it is fundamentally changing what we do and how we do things is.

Student Artificial Intelligence

The JKU’s Bachelor’s & Master’s in "Artificial Intelligence" via Distance Learning in Bregenz

Starting this fall, the JKU Center for Distance Learning will offer Artificial Intelligence (AI) - one of the JKU’s most promising programs - in...

Professor Armando Rastelli

Quantum Cryptography: A New Method for Tap-Proof Communications

Present-day society has been built on the virtual exchange of information. When it comes to ensuring truly secure communications, quantum technology...

Professor Oliver Brüggemann

Molecular Stamp for Plastics

A patent has now been granted in the USA for a molecular stamp developed by chemists at the JKU.

Symbol image computer; photo credit: Pixabay

Do Computers Always Perform Correct Calculations?

An increasing number of circuits on increasingly smaller and smaller surfaces - can we really rely on our computers?

The Library Quad

Fancy an Espresso? Wanted: A Tenant for a JKU Café-Bar

There’s nothing better than a decent cup o’ joe after work or class! Your concept can help make it happen.


Quo vadis, Social Partnership? An Academic Perspective in Balancing Transitional Interests..

Proclaimed dead by some yet invoked as a pillar of the state by others: Is Austria’s social partnership at stake?

Battery: photo credit: Shutterstock

Austrian Science Fund COMET Project Explores the Technical and Legal Challenges of Re-Purposing E-Car Batteries

As part of an Austrian Research Promotion Agency Comet project, the JKU’s LIT Law Lab is conducting research with corporate partners that include...

Lora Ziller, photo credit: Martin Kremser (Director of Sports, Karate Austria)

A Winning Combination: Lora Ziller Balances Law Studies with Competitive Sports

Thanks to a special support program, Lora Ziller can pursue her law degree while also taking part in competitive karate.