von links: Professorin Silvia Dullinger, Professor Peter Rummel.

10th Anniversary of the Peter Rummel Scholarship - Successfully Funding Excellence

Professor Peter Rummel retired ten years ago - and created a special scholarship program.

400 BesucherInnen waren im Dezember beim Gründercafé.

Record Number of Visitors at the 2019 Gründercafé

The StartUp Center at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Organizational Development extended an invitation to the 11th annual Gründercafé.

von links: Stefanie Painsith und Maria Molina von Greiner.

LIT OIC Would Like to Introduce: Greiner Technology & Innovation

Greiner AG is a world leader in plastic and foam solutions – and is located in the LIT OIC.

Professor Sepp Hochreiter mit Studierenden.

The JKU and IST Austria Thrilled to Create a Local ELLIS Network

The Institute for Machine Learning and the LIT AI Lab (JKU) as well as the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) in Lower Austria...

von links: Professorin Helga Wagner, Dr. Philipp Hermann. Credit: JKU

Pilot Phase Begins: Statistical Consulting Services for Clinical Researchers

The statistics team at the Competence Center for Clinical Trials is offering consulting services for MED researchers.

JKU Mensa-Mitarbeiterin Karin Hackl.

Behind the Scenes

The JKU Mensa serves over 2,500 meals daily. And who makes sure that operations run smoothly? Take a look!

von links: Professor Thomas Bieber, Professor Oliver Jens Schmitt. Credit: ÖAW

Thomas Bieber Presented with the Gustav Figdor Award for Law

The JKU legal expert was presented with the award by the Austrian Academy of Sciences at the beginning of December.

Professor Donnerer erklärte den Medizin-Nobelpreis.

Nobel Explained: The Body, Cells and Oxygen

The topic of who received this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine and why was the subject of the session of "Nobel erklärt" organized by the JKU and the...

von links: Doktor  Jürgen Fuß (FH OÖ Campus Hagenberg), Dissertant Thomas Grurl und Prof. Robert Wille (JKU)

Researchers Prepare for the Age of Quantum Computing as Computers of Tomorrow take on Super Complex Simulations

What once sounded like science fiction will soon become reality: the creation of quantum computers that can perform highly complex calculations faster...