F.l.: Anton Zelinger, Armando Rastelli

Quantum Physics Made in Austria: The Johannes Kepler University Linz Congratulates Anton Zeilinger on his Nobel Prize.

The JKU extends its most heartfelt congratulations to quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger on winning the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics.


Professor Da Silva

The Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences Introduces Itself

Marco Da Silva conducts research and teaches at TN's Institute of Measurement Technology.

Dr. Jascha Wendelstein

Linz Ophthalmologist Presented with Prestigious Award

The European Society of Ophthalmic Surgery presented Jascha Wendelstein with a prestigious award in recognition of his scientific achievements.


Heidi Kastner's Book "Dummheit" Kicks Off the New Season at the JKU’s Circus of Knowledge

To kick off the new season, the Circus of Knowledge at the Johannes Kepler University Linz presented a world premiere on Saturday, October 1,…

Sara Milovanovic in the offense

The Austrian College Sports League - The JKU Linz Astros are Reaching for the Basketball Stars

Toss the coin! The JKU is the first university outside of Vienna to step onto the basketball court as part of the Austrian Collage Sports League…

F.l.: Andreas Schwarzmüller, BSc. (moderator), Mag. Ernst Stummer, Dr. Gerald Silberhumer, Mag. Max Stelzer, Prof. Elias Felten, Prof. Susanne Pernicka, Rector Meinhard Lukas

Hot Off the Press: "Social Partnership: A Cooperation in Crisis?"

An evening at the JKU focused on the past, present and future of social partnership.

Professor Maren Engelhardt

Information Processing on Standby: How Some Neurons Bypass Mandatory Resting Periods

Published in the journal "Science", a team of researchers describes a new signal transduction mechanism in the hippocampus.

Richard Küng

Caltech and the JKU Prove (Conventional) Machines Can Learn Complex Quantum System Properties

Albert Einstein referred certain quantum phenomena as "spooky action at a distance". Quantum systems are just very different from what we experience…

Eindrücke von der Festival University an der MED 2022

The Festival University at the JKU MED Campus

During the Festival University program, 200 students from over 70 countries also visited the JKU MED Campus.