Martina Gugglberger (links), Bundesministerin Ines Stilling und Julia Schuster (rechts) bei der Preisverleihung.

JKU Researchers Presented with the Käthe Leichter Award

The JKU congratulates two JKU researchers who were among this year’s award winners.

Professorin Anderst-Kotsis beim runden Tischer der Mutmacherinnen.

Event: Courage-Inspiring Role Models

A new round-table discussion under the motto #women4future focuses on self-confident, professional women.

Dekan Pernsteiner wurde wiederbestellt.

JKU Deans Appointed

JKU faculty deans were appointed right at the start of the new academic year.

Andreas Grimmer erhielt den klartext-Preis 2019. Credit: Ingo Knopf (Montage: TEMPUS CORPORATE)

JKU Researcher Presented with the KlarText Science Communications Award

Andreas Grimmer was presented with the Klartext Award in the category of computer sciences for his contributions to "A Lab on a Chip".

ÖGS-Preise für JKU-Forscherinnen. Credit: Simon P. Haigermoser

JKU Researchers Presented with ÖGS Awards in Recognition of Outstanding Theses

The Austrian Society for Sociology presented awards to Sandra Maria Pfister and Veronika Prieler.

Back row f.l.: Stefan Koch (VR for Academic Affairs, Johannes Kepler University Linz), Aloisia Moser (Studies Commission, Assist. Prof. for Philosophy, Catholic Pvt University Linz), FranzGruber (Rector KU), Brigitte Hütter (Rector, Linz Univ of Art & Design) Front row f.l.: Karin Harrasser (VR for Research, Professor for Cultural Studies, Linz Univ of Art & Design), Marcus Gräser(Studies Commission, Professor for Modern & Contemporary History, Johannes Kepler University Linz), Amalia Barboza (Professor for Cultural Research, Linz Univ of Art & Design), Ursula Brandstätter (Rector, Anton Bruckner Pvt Univ)

Presentation: Bachelor's Degree Program in “Cultural Studies”

Starting in the 2019/2020 academic year, four universities in Linz will be adding new academic degree programs, including a Bachelor’s degree program...

Eröffnung der JKU Business School.

The JKU Business School Kicks Off with an Unconventional Opening Event

The unconventional launch of the JKU Business School featured no lengthy speeches, no formal lectures and no flowery congratulations.

Kick-off des Projekts "BioCombs4Nanofibers".

Spiders as a Role Model for JKU Researchers

A new € 3 million project at JKU aims to imitate nanostructures found on spider legs.

Rektor Meinhard Lukas in der Mensaküche.

Rector Lukas Takes Cooking Spoon in the Hand

New decor, new culinary team - a lot has happened at the JKU Linz cafeteria. On October 4, JKU Rector Meinhard Lukas and Mensa head chef Peter Seidl...