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The JKU not only provides education for students, but for apprentices as well. Vocational apprentice training has been a long-standing tradition at Upper Austria's largest educational institution for teaching and research: Since 1985, approximately 140 young adults have successfully completed an apprenticeship at the JKU.

Please note: These apprenticeships (“Lehre”) are unique Austrian education programs aimed primarily at youths and school students, typically 15-18 year-olds. If you already have a degree and wish to apply for a scientific apprenticeship or internship at a JKU institute, please contact the institute in question directly. You can find a list of the JKU institutes here.

Concerning questions related to international matters consult our International Welcome Center.

Here at the JKU, you can choose to complete an apprenticeship in one of 7 different areas and let your talents shine. An apprenticeship at the JKU is special in that in addition to learning on-site and mandatory attendance at a vocational school, there is a rotation system that allows you to spend several weeks at - and learning about - other departments and work areas at the JKU. You can also take internal training classes to enhance your professional skills, such as a class on telephone skills, social media, personality training, communication skills, computer classes, or language courses in English.

You could earn a bonus in recognition of outstanding achievements at a vocational school and for those who choose to complete the apprenticeship/Matura program, we provide support by giving you special leave and a bonus for doing well on the final apprenticeship examinations. One of the many perks you'll find here includes an official Welcome Day, taking part in targeted team-building measures, and being eligible to receive a discount for meals at the university cafeteria.  Get to know your co-workers by having lunch together with them and soon you will quickly feel at home and like part of our team!

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You are talented and motivated and we have a program that caters to you and your interests? Completing an apprenticeship at the JKU means you will be well prepared for any future career. If you are interested in one of the apprenticeships we offer, we encourage you to apply. We look forward to your application! Unfortunately we cannot provide opportunities to check out apprenticeships positions in advance. During the application process, suitable candidates will receive an invitation to meet the department and staff. We advertise our open positions in October/November of the previous year. In October or November to learn about open positions for the following year. You can also take the initiative to send us an application at any time.



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We are currently offering the following apprenticeship positions:

Computer programs are an integral part of our professional and personal lives. As an application developer, you tell computers what to do. You develop and program applications for PCs and smartphones and learn how to solve software problems. You will learn how to set up secure databases, determine and analyze data, set up user interfaces and training users.

What you need: An apprenticeship in Application Development - Coding requires planning abilities and mathematical understanding as well as a strong customer-service skills. Include logical and interdisciplinary thinking skills and there's nothing standing in your way.

Apprenticeship Period: 4 years

In this case as well, computers are also an integral part of your daily life. In area of engineering, you set up, install, test, and maintain electronic data processing equipment. Ábove, all, this includes computer hardware and peripheral devices (such as printers, scanners, photocopiers, etc.). You will be permitted to replace hard drives, equip PCs with new processors and storage space, and install software. As an information technologist, you will work in various locations with customers, in workshops and in offices. You learn to read technical documents (often in English) and how to use special measuring and testing equipment.

What you need: Organizational skills and an ability to have fun with technology. You should be familiar with computer screws and building networks as well as have a good understanding of math and logical thinking skills. If you also have good manual skills, then this apprenticeship position is just right for you!

Apprenticeship Period: 4 years

Almost everything in life is chemistry - even life itself. As a laboratory technician you will carry out chemical and physico-chemical studies and conduct exciting experiments.  You will use a microscope to examine chemicals such as acids, but also living organisms.  You will conduct research on the properties of plastics, paints, varnishes, and food stuffs.  You will also develop, prepare, and carry out your own experiments.  You will take samples, analyze substances and draft reports about your findings. You will learn how to use chromatography equipment, vacuum filters, and UV analyzers in order to discover, for example, the pH values in a liquid substance, etc.

What you need: As a laboratory technician you will learn to take systematic approaches.  You should have both good observation and mathematical skills as well as be able to think logically.   Hygiene and safety awareness are also very important as you will handle partly hazardous materials such as acids.  But don't worry, during the program you will be taught exactly how to deal with hazardous substances.

Apprenticeship Period: 3.5 years

Do you enjoy the feel of a paint brush in your hand?  Then training to become a painter is the right program for you.  You will turn dark and dreary areas into a warm and welcoming places: your tasks will include brightening plaster, walls, and concrete walls.  In addition, as a budding expert you will learn to work with primer, paints, and varnish. You will not only make these surfaces look good, you will learn how to protect them against outside elements such as the environment and the weather.

What you need: This profession requires creativity as well as the ability to work accurately.
If you have a good feel for colors and the smell of paints and varnish don't bother you, this is the right program for you.  You should be unafraid of heights and be able to calculate well.  With these skills, you can learn to be a painter.

Apprenticeship Period: 3 years

Electrical machine technology is the future. Almost everything is already powered by electrical engineering, whether it be bicycles, cars or medical equipment. As a mechatronics engineer, you learn to assemble electrical machines and systems, put them into operation, and maintain them. You manufacture prototype coils for newly developed electric motors. You will assemble mechanical, electrical/electronic, pneumatic/hydraulic and information technology parts as well as maintain and repair them. You will learn to assemble parts and components of electric machines together and to set up, lay and connect cables.

What you need: Technical understanding and manual skills are, of course, particularly important in this area. Also, if you have good spatial awareness, are creative, patient, and enjoy solving problems, then this position is right you.

Apprenticeship Period: 3.5 years

Tough, but hearty: becoming a metal technician is all about working with metals, machines and tools.  You will process iron as well as plastics and make machines and tools out of these materials. You will assemble finished individual components in the workroom as well as at construction sites.  In doing so, you will learn to about workflow and production steps, creating technical materials, and programming computer-controlled machines.  And naturally also about drilling, milling, grinding and soldering .

What you need: As a metal technician you need to be in strong, physically good shape. You also need dexterity skills and good working knowledge of math and engineering for your work. You must also be safety-aware when working with machines.

Apprentice Period: 3.5 years

Even the best researchers need administrative support.  In the area of administration, you will ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations in the office.  There are many responsibilities and duties in the area of administration at the JKU and at institutes:  processing incoming and outgoing mail, writing correspondence, and supporting clients and customers.  During the program you will learn to take delivery of goods in a proper manner as well as obtain and process offers.  In addition, you will assist in organizing events and presentations.  In order to make your work easier, you will learn how to use many important computer programs.

What you need: It is important to be able to work well with other people as you will come into frequent contact with clients and customers.  If you can also manage to remain calm and collected in high-pressure situations, then you have what it takes to be an administrative assistant.

Apprenticeship Period: 3 years


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