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Department Human Resource Development, Gender & Diversity Management
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Human Resource Development Unit.

The Office of Human Resource (Professional) Development focuses on issues pertaining to human resource development and selected topics to support organizational development.

Our primary areas of responsibility include:


  • providing individuals and university departments with advising and support services regarding HR and organizational development options
  • planning and implementing organization-specific professional development projects, including, for example, facilitating closed-door meeetings as well as departmental and team development processes..
  • developing and apply JKU-specific HR methods, such as the annual employee review.
  • planning, organizing, and carrying out cross-organizational projects, such as supporting occupational health.
  • develop programs and services to support faculty members in higher-education didactics, including online education and e-didactics

JKU employees can go to: help.jku.at, opens an external URL in a new window to access a comprehensive overview of support services offered by the Office of Human Resource (Professional) Development.

The Office of Human Resource (Professional) Development


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz


Science Park 5
2nd floor, S5 0215

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8.30 AM - 12.00 PM

We offer the following services:

The JKU is committed to its employees' professional development and offers an extensive range of in-house seminars and professional development courses each year, largely free of charge.

The JKU's in-house seminar program gives all of its employees numerous opportunities to select from a wide array of continual education or professional development courses, ranging from language classes and computer training to character-development courses and seminars designed to hone leadership skills. To help faculty members prepare to teach universilty-level classes, we offer seminars and workshops focusing on university didactics. The courses have been designed especially for scholars at the start of their academic careers.


Click here, opens an external URL in a new window for additional information about our in-house seminar program for employees.


Click here, opens an external URL in a new window to view our current in-house seminar program for employees.



Verena Enzenhofer, BSc MSSc

Ph.: +43 732 2468 3416



The JKU not only offers opportunities to earn an academic degree, we also educate and train apprentices. The JKU offers various apprenticeship positions, ranging from administrative responsibilities to being a laboratory technician in support of chemistry and mechatronics.... Since 1985, over 140 young people have completed an apprenticeship at Upper Austria's largest institution of research and teaching.


Click here for detailed information about individual apprenticeship positions and the application procedure.


Jakob Freudenthaler, BA MA

Ph.: +43 732 2468 3413

Petra Schelenz

Ph.: +43 732 2468 3401


As part of the JKU's program to support onboarding for professors and dual career services, we provide individual information about residency, housing, childcare, schooling, and Austria's social system. In addition, there are career development opportunities for respective partners.

Our services are for newly appointed professors or applicants in negotiation for a professorship position.

Click here to learn more.



Mena Sonderegger-Elarabi, MBA

Ph.: +43 732 2468 3404


Here at the JKU, we believe health is something that needs to be balanced time and again, starting with prevention and ending with our employees' sense of personal responsibility. Supporting occupational health at the JKU is generally based on our employees' participation. A balanced program of action takes both the conditions at the JKU and the employees' individual conduct into account.

Click here, opens an external URL in a new window to learn more about the JKU's occupational health program for employees.


Various departments at our university (including Human Resources Development, Employee Safety & Protection, the University Sports Institute, the company physician, etc.) are responsible for developing and introducing measures to support occupational health. The Office of Human Resources Development not only offers a number of continual educational opportunities as part of its in-house seminar program (such as classes on time management and independent management, mindfulness, and resourcefulness), there is also an ongoing exchange with other Austrian universities as part of the network to support occupational health at Austrian universities and create a healthy environment at the JKU so that employees and students alike can live, learn, work, and study.


Click here, opens an external URL in a new window for additional information about the JKU-Balance program.



Verena Enzenhofer, BSc MSSc

Ph.: +43 732 2468 3416



Award: Exemplary Teaching Company