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Department Human Resource Development, Gender & Diversity Management
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What We Do at the Office of Gender and Diversity Management?

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"Gender" is an English word referring to someone's sex.
"Diversity" is an English word referring to having or being composed of different elements.
"Management" is an English word meaning to lead and/or organize a company or at an institution, such as a university.

Those of us in the Office of Gender and Diversity Management work at the university to support equal opportunities, participation, and diversity.

Those of us in the Office of Gender and Diversity Management take a close look at what kind of people work and study at the university. For example, how many male and female professors are there? How old are the people who work at the university?

We create actions and policies designed to support equal opportunities and diversity at the university. For example, we provide information to girls about the option to pursue an academic degree such as physics or chemistry. Our goal with these measures is to ensure that gender and diversity are taken into account in all decision-making at the university and at all levels.

We create and implement programs to support continual education as well as the advancement of women.

We provide academic advising services to women at the university regarding their professional careers and assist them as to how they can best plan their academic career.

We support work-life balance by, for example, helping to organize childcare. We also provide information as to how parents can effectively plan their maternity leave.