Welcome to the Library!

The main campus library at the JKU is your local information service provider to support academic learning and research.

Divided into multiple sections, printed inventory at the main campus library as well as at the two faculty libraries and at several specialized libraries and other smaller sites offer approximately 1 million volumes and 900 subscribed journals.

Main Campus University Library

A large part of the inventory is freely accessible in the reading areas. The reading and work areas - equipped with Wi-Fi - give you the the perfect place to work and study among the library's resources.

Over 20,000 licensed eJournals and over 40,000 eBooks are available 24/7 to JKU students and JKU staff (also accessible online from home), as well as in the databases.


Everything you need to succeed in your academic studies and research is provided by your library in a versatile, innovative and future-oriented way.

„The library is not only a place of knowledge and information, it is also the perfect place to study, meet up, and feel at ease.“

Dr. Susanne Casagranda
Head of the JKU University Library
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