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The main campus University Library is located at the heart of the Johannes Kepler University campus. As a world-class library, we are committed to our scholarly community and the pursuit of knowledge by providing access to information services (both analog and digital) in support of research, academic learning, and education.

The library provides a wide variety of comfortable, welcoming, and functional learning spaces and as we are always evolving, we especially look forward to the grand opening of the new JKU Learning Center. The new center will offer new, modern spaces for individual as well as collaborative group work.

The main library's professional staff is available to lend their expertise and help you with your academic and scientific research by finding and managing information, materials, and providing numerous services, including assistance when publishing Open Access publications.

SARS-CoV-2 Beginning Saturday, March 14, the JKU Rectorate decided to completely close all of the JKU libraries for an indefinite period of time in order to help prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus.


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„The library is not only a place of knowledge and information, it is also the perfect place to study, meet up, and feel at ease.“
Dr. Susanne Casagranda
Head of the JKU University Library
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