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Off-Campus Access.

Access licensed digital content from off-campus.

Please adhere to the licensing conditions!


Digital Library

Aside from a few exceptions, JKU students and employees can access our e-media both on and off campus.
(For detailed information, please see the instructions in EZB and DBIS. You will also find the corresponding links to log in via HAN authentication software.)
Please log in using your JKU account.

Those with BK identification (general library users not affliated with the JKU) can access eMedia on campus with few exceptions (such as RDB) but not off campus.

OA (Open Access) resources are different and are globally accessible without having to log in. Subject to change depending on any publishing policy revisions.


At the moment, you only need to register if you are conducting research off-campus!

You will be asked to log in only after you have selected an eResource. (There is no central access link.)

Terms of Use & Conditions

  1. On-campus access is available to JKU students and employees and - with some exceptions - to those who have BK ID cards (those not affiliated with the JKU as students or employees); off-campus access is available only to the JKU students and employees.

  2. Search result lists and full-text articles may only be saved or printed for your own personal use and/or for research purposes only!

  3. Downloading large amounts of data (entire journal volumes in full text, only a minimum of half of the electronic commentary for eBooks in RDB, etc.) as well as systematically printing or saving material (by robots in particular) is prohibited.

  4. Articles may not be disclosed to a third party, either electronically or in printed form.

  5. Search results stemming from licensed information sources may not be posted on openly accessible websites.

  6. Please do not give your password(s) to co-workers or anyone non-affiliated with the JKU! Do not let anyone outside of the university conduct research using your access privileges!