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Ö1 Box.

New Standards of Learning

The library has now acquired a contemporary, historical treasure trove of information! Located on the ground floor of the Main Campus Library, the Ö1 Box provides access to ORF's historical archives and all of the Ö1 science and educational programs of the past.

You have immediate access to ORF's approximately seven million database archives of documents as well as the corresponding audio and video media.

Register at the Circulation Desk to receive a set of headphones. JKU employees and JKU students can also request access.

Ö1-Box in der Hauptbibliothek der JKU
„Ö1's presence at the crossroads of scientific and academic research, exploration, and contact to our audience has become a 'mission statement' in an effort to open the station up as a space for knowledge as well as serve as a communication platform between science, academia, and the broader public.“
Ö1 Program Director Martin Bernhofer