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Research Data Management.

Research data plays an increasingly important role in the research process.

Handling research data carefully and in a structured way is part of  the code for good scientific practices and also helps make research findings comprehensible and verifiable. Research data re-usability not only supports interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, inter-institutional and international research, but also enables machine learning and artificial intelligence developments.

The Competence Center for Bibliometrics and Publication Support provides assistance to JKU researchers to find suitable data repositories and filling out data management plans. The Competence Center works closely with the Dept. of Research Services and Knowledge Transfer. In addition, the Competence Center maintains contact with research data experts at all of the faculties.


Competence Center for Bibliometrics
and Publication Support


+43 732 2468 4880

Research data management includes the entire life cycle of research data, taking the planning, generation, analysis, processing and backup of data as well as its  documentation, archiving and publication up to possible subsequent use by third parties into account.
Data management plans clarify responsibilities for a research project at an early stage, thereby contributing to more efficient execution.
In recent years, creating a data management plan, archiving and - wherever legally possible - opening data to the scientific community, have become the basis for research projects granted by funding agencies such as the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the European Union.


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