Science Park 5.


Rendering Science Park 4 und 5 Außenansicht

Designed by Caramel Architects, Science Park 5 was recently added as a management and administrative building. In addition to housing central administrative offices, departments and institutes that had been off-campus will now return to the JKU campus. The LIMAK Austrian Business School - the JKU's executive education program - has rented space in the building and will also be located at Science Park 5.


Campus Location

The new Science Park 5 building is located on Altenberger Straße, between the Schloss administration building and Science Park 1.

JKU Map Science Park 5

Overview of Rooms

Seminar Room Room Number Capacity
Seminar Room S5 101 S5 101 48
Seminar Room S5 102 S5 102 22
Seminar Room S5 103 S5 103 22


Overview of Departments

Information Management - Digital Teaching & Learning Services


Human Resource Development, Gender and Diversity Management


Overview of Institutes

Linz School of Education


Overview of Institutions

LIMAK Austrian Business School GmbH 1. OG LEARN MORE (German only)
Institute of Labor Research and Labor Policy at the JKU Linz - IAA 5. OG LEARN MORE
Austrian Society for Research and Development in Education - ÖFEB 5. OG LEARN MORE (German only)