Welcome to the Department for Internal Auditing!

Internal audit provides independent and objective auditing and consultation services aimed at creating transparency, establishing correctness, improving business processes and thus creating added value for JKU. The auditing rules and procedures outline tasks, authorizations, duties, and responsibilities.

The Department of Internal Audit was created at the JKU in 2004 with the introduction of the 2002 Austrian Universities Act. In 2007, some of the university's most important administrative units were restructured and since 2019, the department has been allocated to the section of Legal & Risk Management.

Since 2022, the Internal Audit Department has served as the official reporting point of the internal whistleblowing system.

Internal Audit: Objectives

  • Improve business processes and create added value through independent and objective auditing and consulting services.
  • Assess risk management effectiveness, controls, leadership and monitoring processes as well as provide support for optimization measures.
  • Support organizational units as internal management consultants.

Internal Audit: Procedures

  1. Order issued by the Rectorate
  2. Analyze processes, organizational units, etc. together with the departments concerned
  3. Discussion of analysis results as well as a presentation of the revision report, including suggestions for improvement
  4. Follow up and accompany the improvement measures as decided by the Rectorate

Department for Internal Audit


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