Why Work at the JKU?

Social Benefits for JKU Employees

There are countless programs to support health and work/life balance, the time you spend at lunch is considered as work time, there are anniversary bonuses and opportunities to take leave of absences, company outings, meal allowances, and much more. You get more than just a job here!

  • The lunch break at the JKU is part of your work hours (those with a 6-hour workday or longer) and you can be eligible for a salary-based meal allowance
  • Employees get December 24 and December 31 off and employees can also take special leave for personal matters, such as moving, marriage, after having a child, etc., as well as days off for work anniversaries (1 day off after 10 years of service, 2 days off after 20 years of service, 3 days off after 30 years of service)
  • Discounts with your JKU-Card
  • Joint company outings and an employee Christmas party
  • Financial assistance for certain medical measures (salary-dependent)
  • Apprentices: Full boarding fee coverage at a vocational school, special leave and a bonus for outstanding performance during the final apprenticeship examination
  • There are also retirement provisions in that after 2 years at the JKU, employees are entitled to a "company pension" (3% of the CV salary for the employee's entire period of employment).

Continual Education & Professional Development Classes

Students are not the only ones who learn new things at the JKU! Employees can choose from a wide range of continuing education opportunities, whether it be language training, management or leadership classes, self-development courses, or team development seminars. The JKU's Department of Human Resource Development offers a diverse program of continual education and professional development courses. In addition, the JKU offers approximately 60 degree programs on a part-time basis. Our university libraries are home to over 1,000,000 books, thousands of journals, and countless e-journals, and e-books, all accessible free of charge.

JKU Balance, Supporting Occupational Health, USI Sports & Exercise Classes

Taking a sports or exercise class during work hours? This is part of normal everyday life here at the JKU. Employees can sign up for a sports & exercise class offered by the USI or sign up to use the gym located at the Kepler Hall, all at a very reasonable price.

"JKU Balance" is the JKU's occupational health program, providing everything from classes about mindfulness to computer screen glasses, free vision testing, and vaccinations. When it comes to health issues, our colleagues at the Department of Human Resources Development, the Works Council, and our JKU company physicians are there for you!

Balancing Work and Family Life, A Work-Life Compass

The JKU provides support services to both employees and students, such as flexible childcare (Kidsversity), diaper changing facilities in all of the buildings, and its own in-house family counseling center. The JKU's crèche is open to employees' children and provides childcare for kids between the ages of 1-3. The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education & Research presented the JKU with an award as the most family-friendly company in the public sector.

The JKU Work-Life Compass provides employee and management with support to successfully balance work and family life. The brochure contains useful information about parenting, caring for close family members, education, consistently updated legal parameters, and "To-Do" guidelines so employees and managers can navigate the procedures to, for example, go on maternity leave, return to work, etc.

Campus Life, Equal Opportunity, and Diversity

Work-Life Balance. The JKU campus is also an ideal place to, for example, spend your lunch break or enjoy some free time. Eat at the cafeteria, enjoy cake and coffee at the JKU TeichWerk (the JKU's 'floating' restaurant), get in some after-work action at the beach volleyball courts, or run some personal banking or shopping errands. The campus is a place where you can feel at home, even when you are just going about your daily routine.

Here at the JKU, we strongly believe that everyone is equal and is to be treated equally. Everyone at the JKU practices mutual respect, appreciation, and tolerance, something that is cultivated by initiating many different measures, projects and programs.

Getting Here & Sustainability

Getting to the JKU is quick and easy, especially by public transportation! If you opt to travel using the Linz AG bus lines, it only takes 24 minutes to get from the main train station to campus. If you bike to work, you can also use our 'Citybike Station', or one of the many safe and secure bike spaces located around campus. You can, of course, also drive to campus and park in the parking lot. If you have an electric vehicle or an e-bike, there are charging stations located at the JKU Science Park.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword here at the JKU - we practice what we preach! We produce honey from beehives located on campus, we have digital waste receptacles, energy-efficient buildings, and much more. This is a place where we initiate and support projects featuring a sense of environmental responsibility and where we encourage environmentally conscious collaboration and partnerships.

The Onboarding Process

You're in good hands right from the start! Your initial welcome to the JKU begins on your very first day here. You will be issued a JKU Card that serves as a parking permit, copy card, and your library card, as well as other beneficial features. It is your official ID card as a JKU employee.

Once you have your JKU Card, we invite you to attend our Welcome Day meeting to get an overview of the university and learn a little more about the JKU, such as how the university is structured and organized. Welcome Day is also an opportunity to learn more about services offered at the JKU, especially who to contact depending on the question you may have. Naturally there is plenty of time to talk with fellow new co-workers who will also be working at the JKU as either academic or general personnel.

International Employees

If you any organizational questions about working at the JKU and living in Linz, contact the International Welcome Center!

Current Job Openings

Have we piqued your interest? Take a look at open positions at the JKU.
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Apprenticeship Training

The JKU not only educates students, but apprentices as well.
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Professorships and Tenure Track Positions

You will find here all current professorship vacancies at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.