Advancements are made when those who have a common interest work on something.

The JKU has space for this common interest. With over 120 different institutes, the university supports research and teaching on a wide range of subject areas.

Interested in which areas exactly? Learn more here:

Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences

Chemistry and Polymer Engineering Technologies

Computer Science




Faculty of Social Science, Economics & Business

Business and Business Informatics

Economics and Applied Statistics

  • Institute of Applied Statistics
    • Department of Data Acquisition and Data Quality
    • Department of Data Analysis and Econometrics
  • Institute of Economics
    • Department of Economic Policy
    • Department of Economic Theory and Quantitative Economic Research
    • Department of Finance
    • Department of General Economic History
    • Department of Health Economics
    • Department of Industrial Economics
    • Department of Job Market/Labor Economics

Social Sciences and Humanities

Education and Psychology

  • Institute of Education and Psychology
    • Department for Work, Organizational and Media Psychology
    • Department of Business and Vocational Education
    • Department of Business Psychology
    • Department of Social Psychology, Human Resource Development, and Adult Education

Externally Funded Institutes

Faculty of Law

Civil Law

  • Institute for Civil Law (German only)
    • Department of Base-Knowledge Research
    • Department of Business Private Law
    • Department of Environmental Private Law
    • Department of European Private and Insurance Law
    • Department of Financial Market Law
    • Department of General Civil Law Dogmatics
    • Department of the History of Dogma
  • Institute of Multi-Media Legal Studies in Linz (German only)
    • Department of Multi-Media Civil Law
  • Institute of Roman Law
    • Department of Civil Propaedeutics


Public Law



Business Law

Interdisciplinary Law Studies

Linz Institute of Technology

Research Labs

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Digital Transformation and Law
  • IT Security
  • Medical Engineering

Interdisciplinary Institutes and Centers