Space for Structure. Space for Structure.


Progress is made when those who have a common interest work on something.

The JKU has space for this common interest. With over 120 different institutes, the university supports research and teaching on a wide range of subject areas.

Interested in which areas exactly? Learn more here:

Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences

Chemistry and Polymer Engineering Technologies

  • Institute of Analytical Chemistry
  • Institute of Inorganic Chemistry - Center of Nanobionics and Photochemical Sciences (CNPS)
  • Institute of Polymer Chemistry
  • Institute of Chemical Technology of Inorganic Materials
  • Institute of Chemical Technology of Organic Materials
  • Institute of Catalysis
  • Institute of Organic Chemistry
  • Institute of Physical Chemistry
  • Institute of Polymer Extrusion and Compounding
  • Institute of Polymer Injection Moulding and Process Automation
  • Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing
  • Institute of Polymer Product Engineering
  • Institute of Polymer Sciences
  • Institute of Process Engineering
  • Linz Institute of Organic Solar Cells (LIOS)

Computer Science

  • Institute of Application-Oriented Knowledge Processing
  • Institute for Machine Learning
  • Institute of Computational Perception
  • Institute of Computer Architecture
    • Department of Applied Systems Research and Statistics
  • Institute of Computer Graphics
  • Institute of Formal Models and Verification
  • Institute of Integrated Circuits
    • Department of Integrated Circuits and System Design
    • Department of Energy-Efficient Analog Circuits
    • Department of Medical Electronics
  • Institute of Networks and Security
  • Institute for Pervasive Computing
  • Institute of Signal Processing
  • Institute for Software Systems Engineering
  • Institute for Systems Software
  • Institute for Telecooperation
    • Department of Cooperative Information Systems



  • Institute of Design and Control of Mechatronical Systems
  • Institute of Electronical Drives and Power Electronics
  • Institute of Electrical Measurement Technology
  • Institute of Structural Lightweight Design
  • Institute of Machine Design and Hydraulic Drives
  • Institute of Mechatronic Design and Production
  • Institute of Biomedical Mechatronics
  • Institute of Microelectronics and Microsensors
  • Institute Communications Engineering and RF-Systems
    • Department of Communications Engineering
    • Department of RF-Systems
  • Institute of Automatic Control and Control Systems Technology
  • Institute of Robotics
  • Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
    • Department of Particulate Flow Modelling
  • Institute of Technical Mechanics
  • JKU HOERBIGER Research Institute for Smart Actuators


  • Institute of Applied Physics
  • Institute for Biophysics
    • Department of Applied Experimental Biophysics
    • Department of Molecular and Membrane Biophysics
  • Institute for Experimental Physics
  • Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics
    • Department of Solid State Physics
    • Department of Semiconductor Physics
    • Abteilung für Nanoelektronik
  • Institute of Theoretical Physics
    • Department of Theoretical Biophysics
    • Department of Many Particle Systems
  • Center of Surface and Nanoanalytics (ZONA)

Faculty of Social Science, Economics & Business

Business and Business Informatics

  • Institute of Corporate Finance
    • Department of Asset Management
    • Department of Corporate Finance
  • Institute of Tax Management
  • Institute of Operational and Regional Environmental Management
  • Institute of Public and Non-Profit Management
  • Institute of Management Accounting
  • Institute of Controlling and Consulting
  • Institute of Retailing, Sales and Marketing
    • Department of Marketing for Emerging Markets
    • Department of Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Institute of Productions and Logistics Management
  • Institute for Strategic Management
  • Institute of Organization Science
  • Institute of Human Resource and Change Management
  • Institute of International Management
    • Department of International Business
    • Department of Cross-Cultural Management
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Development
  • Institute of Financial Accounting and Auditing
  • Institute of Innovation Management
  • Institute of Digital Business
    • Department of Digital Business Management
    • Department of Digital Education
  • Institute of Business Informatics - Communications Engineering
  • Institute of Business Informatics - Data & Knowledge Engineering
  • Institute of Business Informatics - Information Engineering
  • Institute of Business Informatics - Software Engineering

Economics and Applied Statistics

  • Institute of Applied Statistics
    • Department of Data Analysis and Econometrics
    • Department of Data Acquisition and Data Quality
  • Institute of Economics
    • Department of General Economic History
    • Department of Finance
    • Department of Economic Theory and Quantitative Economic Research
    • Department of Job Market/Labor Economics
    • Department of Economic Policy
    • Department of Industrial Economics
    • Department of Health Economics

Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Institute of Politics and Social Policy
  • Institute of Modern and Contemporary History
  • Institute of Philosophy and Theory of Science
  • Institute of Social and Economic History
  • Institute of Sociology
    • Department of Empirical Social Research
    • Department  of Political and Development Research
    • Department of Social Theory and Social Analyses
    • Department of Economic and Organizational Sociology

Education and Psychology

  • Institute of Education and Psychology
    • Department of Social Psychology, Human Resource Development, and Adult Education
    • Department of Business and Vocational Education
    • Department of Business Psychology
    • Department for Work, Organizational and Media Psychology

Externally Funded Institutes

  • Center of Health Care Research
  • Competence Center for Knowledge Management
  • Institute of Cultural Industry and Cultural Research
  • Research Institute for Banking and Finance
  • Research Institute for Strategic Managerial Analysis of the Economy
  • Research Institute for Tax Law and Tax Management

Faculty of Law

Civil Law

  • Institute of Multi-Media Legal Studies in Linz
    • Department of Multi-Media Civil Law
  • Institute of Roman Law
    • Department of Civil Propaedeutics
  • Institute for Civil Law
    • Department of General Civil Law Dogmatics
    • Department of the History of Dogma
    • Department of Base-Knowledge Research
    • Department of Environmental Private Law
    • Department of Business Private Law
    • Department of European Private and Insurance Law
    • Department of Financial Market Law


Public Law

  • Institute of Multi-Media Public Law
  • Institute of Constitutional Law and Political Science
    • Department of Constitutional and Federal Finance Law
    • Department of Public Procedural Law und Protection of Fundamental Rights
    • Department of Public Business Law
    • Department of Political Science, Legal Ethics and Philosophy
  • Institute of University Law
  • Institute of Administrative Law and Administrative Education
    • Department of Legal Protection and Administrative Control
    • Department of Environmental Management and Industrial Plant Regulation
    • Department of Administration Education and Administration Management
    • Department of Technology Law



Business Law

  • Institute of Labor Law and Social Security
  • Institute for the Rights of Basic Social Care and Healthcare Law
  • Institute of European Law
  • Institute of Business Law
  • Institute of Corporate Finance Law, Tax Law and Fiscal Policy
  • Institute of Public International Law, Air Law, and International Relations
  • Institute of Civil Procedure, Bankruptcy Law, and Comparative Civil Procedure
  • Research Institute of Tax Law and Tax Management

Interdisciplinary Law Studies

  • Institute of Canon and Religious Law and European Legal History
  • Institute for Legal Gender Studies
  • Institute of Penology
    • Department of Base Knowledge in Penology and Business Criminal Law
    • Department for the Implementation of Penology and Medical Criminal Law
    • Department of Substantive Criminal Law and Victimology
    • Department of Corporate Criminal Law and Criminal Law Practice
  • Environmental Law Institute
    • Department of Environmental Base Knowledge Research
    • Department of General Environmental Law Dogmatics and Environmental Technology Law
  • Institute of European and Austrian Civil Procedural Law

Linz Institute of Technology

Research Labs

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Digital Transformation and Law
  • Medical Engineering
  • IT Security

Linz School of Education


Interdisciplinary Institutes & Centers


  • Institute for Women's Affairs and Gender Research
  • Research Institute for Medical Diagnostics and Equipment Technology
  • Institute Integrated Studies
  • Institute for Integrate Quality Design


  • Center for Criminology
  • Center for Business Languages and Intercultural Communication


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