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Virtual Morphology
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Welcome to the Department of Virtual Morphology!

Morphology (ancient Greek μορφή) is the study of the form, shape, and structure of living beings and organisms. In this regard, virtual morphology is a representation of the shape and structure of various entities.

Virtual Morphology uses modern imaging techniques in medicine (x-rays, ultrasounds, computer tomographies, MR tomographies, etc.) in a revolutionary way to support the study of morphology.

We are currently focused on establishing and advancing studies in virtual anatomy as part of the medical degree program based on the course "Virtual Anatomy and Patho-Anatomy" offered at the JKU medSPACE.

Department of Virtual Morphology


Johannes Kepler
University Linz
MED Campus I
ADM Building
Krankenhausstraße 5
4020 Linz


ADM Building 7th Floor, Room 701



News 06.07.2023

An International Award for the "Virtual Anatomy" Project

The successful "Virtual Anatomy" team was presented with the silver Triple E Award for "2023 Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team of The Year".

News 28.02.2024

Franz Fellner Joins the American Association for Anatomy

Prof. Dr. Franz Fellner was accepted as a member of the renowned American Association for Anatomy.

Professor Franz Fellner; Credit: JKU
News 22.11.2023

Inaugural Lectures to Introduce New Professors at the JKU Faculty of Medicine

Four new JKU professors in medicine - Franz Fellner, Jens Meier, Helmut Salzer, and Raimund Helbok - recently held their inaugural lectures.

[Translate to Englisch:] Franz Fellner, Credit:JKU
News 27.06.2023

2023 Educator of the Year!

As part of the procedure to assess the level of educational satisfaction, address any specific requirements, and ensure high-quality medical training at the Kepler University Hospital, GM physicians and junior residents have the opportunity to evaluate a department following each completed rotation residency.

Part of these evaluations include an option to also nominate an Educator of the Year. There are often a high number of nominations, from junior physicians to senior physicians, demonstrating just how much each individual department is committed to improving clinical rotations and medical training for medical students and junior physicians.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Prof. Fellner on his numerous nominations for Educator of the Year. The medical students and residents in clinical rotation at the Kepler University Hospital thank you for your outstanding efforts and commitment to training a new generation of physicians!

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