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The JKU medSPACE; photo credit: JKU

Innovation in Virtual Anatomy at the JKU medSPACE: The Macro, the Micro, and Everything in Between

Since 2021, the JKU medSPACE has been delivering fascinating educational insight into the human body.

Field trip impressions: photo credit: JKU

Student Field Trip to the JKU medSPACE

Some 80 students enrolled in different majors enjoyed a visit to the JKU’s cutting-edge medSPACE.

Neuro Imaging 2024

Neuro Imaging 2024

The "Neuro Imaging 2024" workshop focused primarily on anatomical principles relating to the cerebrum and its cerebral vasculature.

[Translate to Englisch:] Vote Your Prof 2024 - Medizinische Fakultät JKU

Vote for Your Prof: The Students Have Voted

The search was on for the most student-friendly professor and this year's choice is Prof. Franz Fellner.

[Translate to Englisch:] Update Aorta 2024 im JKU medSPACE

A Presentation, "Update Aorta", Impressed Over 100 Guests

The JKU medSPACE served as the venue for fascinating presentations focusing on the aorta.

[Translate to Englisch:] Eindrücke vom Event

Radiology and Anatomy - Past, Present, and Future

The presentation "Radiology and Anatomy - Past, Present, and the Future" at the JKU's medSPACE took the audience on a journey through the history of…

Professor Franz Fellner; Credit: JKU

Franz Fellner Joins the American Association for Anatomy

Prof. Dr. Franz Fellner was accepted as a member of the renowned American Association for Anatomy.

[Translate to Englisch:] Franz Fellner, Credit:JKU

Inaugural Lectures to Introduce New Professors at the JKU Faculty of Medicine

Four new JKU professors in medicine - Franz Fellner, Jens Meier, Helmut Salzer, and Raimund Helbok - recently held their inaugural lectures.

[Translate to Englisch:] OÖ. Landespreis für Innovation

The JKU, Ars Electronica and Siemens Presented with the State Innovation Award

Virtual Anatomy was presented with the Upper Austrian State Award for Innovation in the category of "Business Model Innovations".