Research Profile

Space for the Best!

The following general university research priorities have been defined at the JKU:

  • Digital Transformation: This field focuses on digitization as a malleable process with comprehensive technological, social and economic conditions and impacting features.
  • Sustainable Development: Responsible Technologies & Management: The goal is to pool existing and broadly-based but fragmented research activities to include various areas of sustainable development and continue to strengthen them.
  • Transformation in Finance and Financial Institutions: In lieu of FinTech, the financial sector is currently experiencing a fundamental period of transition that includes all new risks and constantly changing legal terms and conditions. The challenges involved can only be mastered by applying an interdisciplinary approach.

We conduct high quality research here at an international level. And also at the recently established Linz Institute of Technology (LIT) - a center for application-oriented technological research which gives international research groups a place to network and establish themselves. And enjoy first-rate conditions. The JKU - space for the best.

Space for Quality.

Assessing the quality of scientific achievement and performance isn't easy. To ensure high quality, the JKU adheres to several generally accepted guidelines and takes various measures:

Many prestigious scientific and academic awards presented to JKU researchers. Numerous collaboration efforts with other research institutions and business partners around the globe. Diverse, successful patent applications. All of this shows that the JKU research conducts high quality research.