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In the aftermath of the global financial crises, the Johannes Kepler University founded the Institute for Comprehensive Analysis of the Economy (ICAE) in 2009. At the ICAE, economic developement is understood as a result of the complex interaction between a set of different influencing factors and therefore, a strong emphazise is given to interdisciplinary approaches, conceptual openness and theoretical diversity. 

On our website you can find information on about our team, current research projects, publications & ICAE Working Paper Series, news & events and media coverage.

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News 17.12.2020

Distortion of history leads to misleading policy recommendations

In his commentary, Philipp Heimberger writes about a major fallacy of economist Hans-Werner Sinn.

News 19.11.2020

Everything fails according to plan - Interview about Robert K. Merton

Jakob Kapeller talks in a radio program about the sociologist, self-reinforcing effects and path dependence.

News 16.11.2020

How the EU Commission miscalculates Germany's budget situation

42 million euros additional budget deficit for Germany. Philipp Heimberger writes on why this is miscalculation and the serious consequences.

News 12.10.2020

A calculation error and its consequences for EU households

Errors in calculation model of EU budget monitoring result in excessive austerity. An article by Philipp Heimberger.

„Plurality of paradigms in economics and in social sciences in general is not only an obvious fact but also a necessary and desirable phenomenon in a very complex and continually changing subject.“
Kurt W. Rothschild, in "To push and to be pushed, American Economist, 43, 1999, p. 5"