Keplergebäude Building

Studierende vor Keplergebäude

Location on Campus

The Keplergebäude Building runs parallel to the Central Lecture Wing and is located on the long side of the pond.


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Room Overview

Lecture Hall Room Number Capacity
Raiffeisensaal (HS 1) K 041B 425
Seminar Room Room Number Capacity
Seminar Room K 001A K 001A 40
Seminar Room K 009D K 009D 24
Seminar Room K 012D K 012D 20
Seminar Room K 033C K 033C 80
Seminar Room K 034D K 034D 40
Seminar Room K 112A K 112A 26
Seminar Room K 153C K 153C 50
Seminar Room K 223B K 223B 18
Seminar Room K 224B K 224B 35
Seminar Room K 269D K 269D 56


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