Our research focuses on basic problems in visual computing and is strongly linked to various disciplines, such as computational imaging and intelligent optics, visual analytics for natural and life sciences, and games user research and analytics.

Our focus branches in three main areas: computer vision and computer graphics, visual data science, and game computing and games analytics. In all three branches, AI/machine learning has become a relevant tool for problem-solving.

Research in visual computing has evolved tremendously in the last decade. Besides classical topics, including image processing, visualization, and rendering, interactive systems such as computational imaging, games, augmented reality, and virtual reality have become more and more relevant. 

Not only the rapid development of graphics hardware and machine learning, but also stronger overlap with interdisciplinary fields, such as computer vision, applied optics, visual perception, and human-computer interaction, shaped visual computing in the previous years and made it into what it is today: an exciting and multidisciplinary field of research with applications in almost all aspects of our modern life.

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FWF funds our doc.funds.connect project Human-centered AI

Professor Marc Streit will be one of the key researchers in the HCAI PhD research and training program. 


Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2021

What Players Want: Information Needs of Players on Post-Game Visualizations


New Publication

Coral: a web-based visual analysis tool for creating and characterizing cohorts (Bioinformatics)


New Publication

An autonomous drone for search and rescue in forests using airborne optical sectioning (Science Robotics)


New Publication

Search and rescue with airborne optical sectioning
(Nature Machine Intelligence)


Best Paper Award at iMIMIC 2020

Projective Latent Interventions for Understanding and Fine-Tuning Classifiers

ICG Lab Talks

Sanaz Mostaghim

Date: January 25th, 2022, 14:00

Sanaz Mostaghim, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Title: Collective and Individual Decision-Making Algorithms for Autonomous Systems


Visual Computing Club

The Visual Computing Club (VCC) is an assembly of excellent students in visual computing (computer graphics, visualization, computer vision, image processing).


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Open projects proposals and practical courses for Bachelor and Master theses