Exams and Presentations

Computer Graphics (Retry Exam)

2. October 2018, time: 13:45 - 15:15, HS 5

Computer Vision (Exam oral)

29. January 2019, time TBA, S3 302 (preliminary, might be changed)

Computer Vision (Retry Exam oral)

5. March 2019, time TBA, S3 302 (preliminary, might be changed)

Visual Analytics (Written Exam)

28. January 2019, 08:30-10:00, MT 128 (preliminary, might be changed)

Courses offered in WS2018

Computer Vision

Dissertantenseminar Informatik 3

first appointment: TBA

Master's Thesis Seminar WS

first appointment: TBA

Project in Pervasive Computing (Computer Graphics MSc)

first appointment: TBA

Projektpraktikum (Computer Graphics BSc)

first appointment: TBA

Seminar in Pervasive Computing Computer Graphics

first appointment: TBA

Special Topics (Visual Analytics)

first appointment:  8. October 2018, 10:15, S3 0063

Visual Analytics

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