Exams and Presentations

Computer Vision (Retry Exam oral)

5. March 2018, TBA, S3 302 (preliminary, might be changed)

Information Visualization (Written Exam)

27. June 2018, 15:30, S2 Z74

Computer Graphics (Intermediate Exam)

8. May 2018, 13:45, HS18

Computer Graphics (Final Exam)

26. June 2018, 13:45, HS18

Information Displays (Oral Exam)

27. June 2018, TBA, S3 302

Courses offered in SS2018

Computer Graphics

Information Visualization

Information Displays

first appointment: 14. March 2018, 10:15, S3 063

Master's Thesis Seminar

first appointment: TBA

B.Sc./M.Sc. Practical Courses/Theses

Ph.D./M.Sc. Thesis Seminar

Project in Pervasive Computing

first appointment: TBA

Special Topics: Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling

first appointment: 19. March 2018, 10:15, S2 054

 KUSSS Digest SS2018

You have to register for all courses and exams in time: link


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