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The Institute of Catalysis at the JKU Linz deals with the development and application of transition metal complexes, in particular also organometallic compounds for the sustainable and efficient synthesis of substances and valuable materials.

We are mainly interested in the broad applicability of the developed methods and the use of easily accessible, ideally sustainable starting materials. The focus is on understanding the structure-reactivity relationships of the catalysts and also the mechanisms of the reactions involved. As catalytically active metals, inexpensive and abundant elements such as iron, cobalt and manganese will be the starting points for the development of active catalyst systems. The field of application of catalyzed reactions ranges from the activation and functionalization of small molecules to the synthesis of complex molecules from simple precursors using modern reaction technology.

Institute of Catalysis INCA


Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
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Kopfgebäude Building, 3rd floor, room KG 317

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