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LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab.

Welcome to the LIT | CPS Lab!

More with less — how do we master the increasing complexity of production systems?

Industry faces major challenges as product lifecycles shorten, product variability increases, and global markets become more volatile. To remain competitive, production facilities and equipment must be adaptable to respond quickly and efficiently to these changes.

A key success factor in achieving these goals is the control and automation infrastructure. New distributed architectures are a possible approach to address these requirements. New interaction and communication patterns as well as new ways of programming automation systems consisting of networked control units are required.

Mastering variability and complexity in cyber-physical production systems also requires new software engineering methods and tools, particularly for variability modeling and product configuration as well as to support maintenance and evolution.



Johannes Kepler University Linz
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Christian Doppler Laboratory for Variability in CPPS



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News 03.10.2022

Lisa Sonnleithner and Kevin Feichtinger successfully completed the dissertation colloquium

On September 29, the dissertation colloquium of the Computer Science Department of JKU took place. The candidates present their field of research, their research methodology, their results (publications) and the final steps to the written dissertation. Afterwards, the candidates face questions from the faculty, similar to the actual dissertation defense. This time, our PhD candidates Lisa Sonnleithner and Kevin Feichtinger participated in the colloquium. We are excited to announce that they passed the final milestone of the curriculum with flying colors and now enter the final phase of their respective dissertations.

News 19.09.2022

6 Contributions at SPLC 2022

From September 12 - 16, the Systems and Software Product Line Conference (SPLC) 2022 took place at TU Graz. The LIT CPS Lab contributed 6 publications (4 papers, 1 tool demo and 1 tutorial) to the conference program. 

Sayyid (Fadhlillah) presented the topic of his dissertation Multidisciplinary variability management for cyber-physical production systems and the tool V4rdiac developed in the CDL VaSiCS .

Antonio (Gutierrez) presented joint work with Ana Eva Chacón-Luna, David Benavides and Lidia Fuentes on Design for the analysis of variability management in the industry.

Dario (Romano) presented a joint work with pure-systems GmbH on Bridging the gap between academia and industry: transforming the universal variability language to pure::variants and back

Kevin (Feichtinger) presented joint work with Chico Sundermann and Thomas Thüm on Classifying information loss during variability model roundtrip transformations and was part of the tutorial on the Universal Variability Language (UVL).

[Translate to Englisch:] SPLC 2022 group picture
News 12.09.2022

Large LIT CPS Lab Delegation at ETFA 2022

With 11 team members, the LIT CPS Lab was represented at the annual International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation at the University of Stuttgart. From September 6-9, our team presented recent work (4 papers and 2 work-in-progress papers).

Kevin (Feichtinger) presented the first result of the Software Engineering in Cyber-Physical Production Systems workshop series Industry Voices on Software Engineering Challenges in Cyber-Physical Production Systems Engineering.

Markus (Unterdechler) presented the paper Identifying repeating patterns in IEC 61499 systems using feature-based embeddings.

Bianca (Wiesmayr) presented the work on Supporting a Model-driven Development Process for Distributed Control Software.

Lisa (Sonnleithner) presented the paper Architectural Concepts for IEC 61499-based Machine Controls: Beyond Normal Operation Handling which is based on the previous year's conference paper.

Sayyid (Fadhlillah) presented his recent work on Supporting Variability Management in Cyber-Physical Production Systems: Towards Semi-Automatic Delta Model Mining for IEC 61499.

Virendra (Ashiwal) presented his recent work on Evaluation of Middleware Technologies for the PLC-Service Bus in IEC 61499.

ETFA 2022
News 21.07.2022

Summer team event: LIT CPS team swaps office for lake

Yesterday we swapped the office for a day at the Ausee. Instead of meetings and video conferences, relaxation and fun were on the agenda. In the evening we went to the Rooftop7 Bar in Linz where we ended the day with excellent food and a drink or two.