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LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab
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Current Work

Topics for theses (Bachelor, Master) and practica (e.g., Software Engineering, Computational Engineering) are available in all these projects. Just drop us an email.

TraVarT: An Approach for Transforming Variability Models (Dissertation Kevin Feichtinger (Supervisor: Rick Rabiser))

Multidisciplinary Delta-Oriented Variability Management in Cyber-Physical Production Systems/V4rdiac (Dissertation Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah (Supervisors: Rick Rabiser, Alois Zoitl))

Better Control Software Design (Bad Smells, Metrics, Design Patterns, etc. for IEC 61499; Dissertation Lisa Sonnleithner (Supervisors: Alois Zoitl, Rick Rabiser))

Mining from (4diac/IEC 61499) function block networks: modularity analysis, variability mining, clone detection/similarity analysis

Clone Detection in 4diac/IEC 61499 (Thesis Elene Kutsia)

Variability/Modularization in/of 4diac/IEC 61499 (PhD Thesis Shubham Sharma (Supervisors: Alois Zoilt, Rick Rabiser))

Clustering/Complexity/Visualization of 4diac/IEC 61499 (Thesis Philipp Bauer (Supervisors: Alois Zoilt, Rick Rabiser))

A Variability Modeling Body of Knowledge

A Reusable Set of Real-World Product Line Case Studies for Comparing Variability Models in Research and Practice

Testing of Highly Configurable Cyber-Physical Systems

Variability management in companies unaware of software product lines

MODEVAR: Variability modeling language the community can agree on

Investigate and improve relation of research and practice in Software Engineering, particularly in Systems and Software Product Lines

SECPPS (Software Engineering in Cyber-Physical Production Systems)

IFAC Technical Committee 3.1 on “Computers for Control”

Usability Studies of Software Engineering Tools

JKU/Dynatrace Co-Innovation Lab