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We not only provide advising services to JKU academics and scientists pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), we also team up with institutes to provide assistance regarding department service inventions ranging from registering the invention(s) to support services for use and implementation.

Freedom of Research – Protecting Findings

Under Article 17 of the constitutional law (RGBl. No. 142/1867; Art. 149 Sec. 1 B-VG of the constitutional status), science and its teachings underlie no contraints. Universities have the right and responsibility to exercise this freedom and protect this particular area with all means at its disposal.

Outstanding research achievements can often only result with the availability of considerable resources. Most of the available funding will be channeled through a competitive selection process through research funding programs from tax revenues.

Documenting research findings in the form of scientific publications provides scientists with support when competing for research funds as well as proof of the patent's commercial applicability.

Publishing Researching Findings – Registering Service Inventions

All university employees have the right to independently publish his/her own scientific work as part of the framework under § 106 of the Austrian Universities Act with the exception of service inventions: service inventions are to be brought to the attention of the Vice-Rector of Research immediately. If the JKU claims a service invention, the Vice-Rector of Research must approve publication.

Patent Scouts Provide Scientists with Support Services to Register Service Inventions

When it comes to reporting a service invention, the JKU has developed a unique model involving specially trained scientists (so-called patent scouts) who can provide colleagues at their own departments with advising, consulting and support services every step of the way.

Detailed information for scientists at the JKU is available in Intranet.

IPR Management: A Partner for JKU Institutes to Utilize Service Inventions

If a research finding has the potential to become commercially viable, the Department of IPR Management provides advising and consulting services for scientists and university management to assist in deciding on the appropriate procedures.

Together with the institute where the invention was created, IPR Management works closely with institute members to define further steps. The primary goal is to support research at the JKU. Service invention utilization is coordinated closely with the institute.

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