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Name Position Room               Extension E-Mail
OR Mag. Bernhard Nussbaumer Head SP5, 2nd floor, room 0237       3363 bernhard.nussbaumer@jku.at
Mag.a Daniela Simmel Deputy Head SP5, 2nd floor, room 0238       3061 daniela.simmel@jku.at
Ina Tamara Bogner Administration SP5, 2nd floor, room 0238       3060 ina.bogner@jku.at

Patent Scouts

Chemistry and Polymer Engineering Technologies


Room Extension E-Mail
DIin Theresia Hackl (maternity leave) SP5, 2nd floor, 0238 3064


DIin Viktoria Kreuzer T0512 9008 viktoria.kreuzer@jku.at
DI Elias Rippatha T0512 9008 elias.rippatha@jku.at


Computer Science/Mathematics/Statistics/Business Informatics

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Assoz. Univ.-Prof. DI Mag. Dr. Michael Sonntag S30235 4137 michael.sonntag@ins.jku.at


Mechatronics and University of Arts/Linz

Name Room Extension E-Mail
Dr. Thomas Voglhuber-Brunnmaier MT375-1 6267 thomas.voglhuber-brunnmaier@jku.at



Name Raum Durchwahl E-Mail
Dr.in Cornelia Roschger MED Campus, ADM, 4. OG 3088 cornelia.roschger@jku.at



Name Room Extension E-Mail
Assoz. Univ-Prof.in DIin Dr.in Ingrid Graz T1007 9766 ingrid.graz@jku.at
DI Aleksander Brozyniak 1022/23 5831 aleksander.brozyniak@jku.at