Digital Teaching and
Learning Services

Our area of expertise includes supporting and assisting educators, ranging from classes held on-site to remote learning. We manage the Moodle learning platform, as well as production systems to create course videos. We also ensure that state-of-the-art media technology equipment is available and we manage the video conferencing tool Zoom.

Department Manager (maternity leave)

MMag.a Monika Straif

Department Head

Lukas Nöbauer

We support medical education, particularly in the field of anatomy, by providing the required technical support to operate the so-called "medSPACE" at the JKU MedCampus. The medSPACE is a purpose-built room to professionally support high-resolution and 3D visualizations of the human body.


The Department of Digital Teaching and Learning Services is part of Information Management and is divided into two divisions:

If you have any general questions about the department or need information, please do not hesitate to contact our department manager.

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Moodle Learning and Examination Platform, opens an external URL in a new window

JKU students and employees can access Moodle, a learning and examination platform, that serves as a course-based, open source e-learning tool. Moodle can be used in combination with courses to facilitate learning, including storing work materials and holding examinations. Moodle also supports course-related videos. Students and employees can access Moodle using their JKU user account.

Teaching-supporting media technology, opens an external URL in a new window

Many lecture halls and classrooms at the JKU are equipped with professional media equipment, particularly audio equipment (i.e. microphones, loudspeakers, etc.) and video equipment (i.e. cameras) in an effort to provide a foundation to support the higher demand for digitalized courses (recording/streaming), as well as support the professional delivery of course content when teaching in the larger lecture halls on campus.

Zoom Video Conferencing, opens an external URL in a new window

JKU employees and students can use Zoom video conferencing to hold classes, exams, meetings, etc., free of time and location constraints. Zoom services are part of the JKU’s efforts to support classes by providing hybrid teaching and examination opportunities as part of a class. The JKU holds a campus license and employees and students can access Zoom using their JKU user account.

Opencast Video Platform, opens an external URL in a new window

As part of digital teaching, Opencast is available to JKU lecturers as a video platform for recording, editing and publishing or playing back course videos. In this way, courses can be digitized and made available to students in conjunction with the Moodle learning and examination platform.

LimeSurvey Online Surveys, opens an external URL in a new window

LimeSurvey, a web-based tool to conduct surveys, is available free of charge to JKU employees and JKU students. Use LimeSurvey on the JKU servers to quickly and easily create surveys and questionnaires.

„Our expertise in creating and using digital learning formats serves as the basis to manage and operate the technical platform needed to not only offer academic classes, but also advance digital education.“
MMag.a Monika Straif
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