LIT Open Innovation Center.

A co-working space at the JKU campus designed to pool expertise in science and business in one location, creating an ecosystem for innovation.

Located within 8,000 m2 of open space, transdisciplinary research labs and companies are united in their focus on technological innovation and bringing these innovations to the people.

Constructed in 2019, the building is home to collaborative research and development projects focusing on innovative areas that include Artifical Intelligence, Robot Intelligence, IT Security, Information Electronics, and Industry 4.0.

Together with the LIT Factory the LIT OIC is an open platform conducting research and developing advancements to support the potential of digitalization as well as create cross-industry solutions to manufacture innovative products.


Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz

Business Hours

MON-THURS: 9.00 AM - 4.00 PM
FRI: 9.00 AM - 2.00 PM

Our Team
„Das LIT Open Innovation Center ist an der Schnittstelle zwischen High-End Forschung und Unternehmen. Hier werden topaktuelle Forschungsergebnisse in die Unternehmen gebracht und die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Forschung und Betrieben (vor allem Klein- und Mittelbetrieben) forciert.“
Doris Hummer - WKO Oberösterreich

At the Interface of Research and the Economy

The JKU's new LIT Open Innovation Center will be "the" place in Upper Austria to transfer state-of-the-art university expertise to society in general as well as to businesses and companies. The LIT OIC serves as a modern collaboration platform where interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research groups can communication and exchange information to drive technology. 


Knowledge Transfer

In addition to creating a positive atmosphere designed to support and foster collaboration and cooperation, scientists, academics and researchers have an opportunity to transfer knowledge by actively talking and communicating about their respective current research at a number of internal and external events.


Support Services for Start-Up and Spin-Off Companies at the LIT Open Innovation Center

In addition to renting a workspace at the LIT OIC, 'entrepreneur.base' provides support services to those interested in innovation and start-up companies by providing organized workshops and individual consultation as well as access to a broad network of experts. Use  'entrepreneur.base' to book the "Ideation.Space" creative area at the LIT OIC.


In general, the LIT Open Innovation Center is about community and people: Researchers and people in the field. Communicating with these people and exchanging ideas about future technologies in particular is exciting, especially when venturing beyond one's own subject area.“
Martina Mara – LIT Robopsychology Lab
News 06.05.2021

ELISE is looking for top Artificial Intelligence start-up companies & SMEs!

ELISE, a network of artificial intelligence research hubs, is based on a high level research focused om disseminating its findings and expertise in academia, the business community, and society. The project launched the first Open Call for the best SMEs and start-up companies that are focusing on AI-based services and/or applications.

News 13.04.2021


Trusted Artificial Intelligence: Towards Certification of Machine Learning Applications

OIC Events
Event 19.05.2021

LIT Lectures on May 19, 2021    

If you're interested in learning more about research at the JKU, join us for the LIT Lecture Series!

The LIT FOCUS Lecture Series is more than just talking about science  - this time we're taking a look at the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Event 22.04.2021

OIC Community Morning

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