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LIT Open Innovation Center
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LIT Open Innovation Center.

The co-working space at the JKU campus pools expertise and skillsets found in academia and in the business community, creating an ecosystem to support cutting-edge technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Located in the 8,000 m2 of open office space, the transdisciplinary research labs and companies, opens an external URL in a new window at the LIT OIC are united by a common focus on technological innovation and how to apply findings to real-world applications.

Constructed in 2019, the contemporary building is a place to conduct research and development in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Robot Intelligence, IT Security, Information Electronics, and Industry 4.0.

Together with the LIT Factory, the LIT OIC is an open platform designed to not only conduct research into the potential of advancing digitalization, but also create cross-industry solutions and manufacture innovative products.


Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz

Office Hours

MON-THURS: 9.00 AM - 3.00 PM

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News 25.11.2022

Two JKU Researchers Presented with the Cardinal Innitzer Award

Richard Küng and Yolanda Salinas were presented with the 2022 Natural Sciences Awards.

News 23.11.2022

The Power Grid 4.0 Project Presented with a State Innovation Award

Together with start-up company enliteAI, the JKU and its AI pioneer, Sepp Hochreiter, were presented with the State Innovation Award in the “Verena” category.

The State Innovation Awards ceremony with Professor Sepp Hochreiter

The OIC "Sommerfest" 2022