Online Consulting Appointments at the IWC.

Sign up for online office hours at the International Welcome Center

If you would like to talk about any questions you have regarding your stay in Austria, you can sign up for an online consultation appointment!

WHEN? Mondays, beginning at 3:00 PM
WHERE? Via Zoom
HOW? Group session
WHAT? We can help you with organizational questions related to your stay in Austria (residence permits, accommodations etc.).

Send us an e-mail if you would like to make an individual appointment.

International Welcome Center

Online Consultation Appointments

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Please note!


  • Be on time: If no one joins the meeting after a 15 minute period, the meeting will be closed.
  • Cancel: Contact us by e-mail if you are unable to attend the scheduled meeting.


  • Please do not ask about the admissions procedure: As the IWC is not involved in the admissions process, we unfortunately cannot answer specific questions regarding your application status, the processing time, documents, etc.
  • We do not provide academic advising: Please contact the Office of Student Information & Academic Advising if you have detailed questions about an academic degree program.