Academic Degree Programs.

LIT stands for the Linz Institute of Technology - an internationally oriented center for education and research in engineering and technology. That's the theory. In practical terms, LIT is a place where cooler versions of Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler shape the future - and in a variety of disciplines.

Whether it be mechatronics, computer science, chemistry, polymer engineering, physics or mathematics - at LIT everyone can find the way to the future. And even if the focus is on technology and science, LIT is a place for everyone because the world of tomorrow has no boundaries when it comes to academic areas.

This where innovation is developed and simultaneously where parameters are defined. After all, who can know today if, in the future, a gel robot is entitled to medical care, or if we have to get a visa to be beamed somewhere for vacation? Students at LIT learn this and more, meaning how to turn today's visions into tomorrow's reality and actively shape the future.

The only question is: How do you want to shape your future. An initial experiment can help you find what your interests are - check out the programs that LIT has to offer.

Academic Area


Because you want to discover new methods of energy production...

Study Chemistry at LIT
Academic Area


Because you want to improve our world by developing new recycling methods ....

Study Polymer Engineering at LIT
Academic Area


Because you are fascinated by exoskeletons ...

Study Mechatronics at LIT
Academic Area


Because you've always wanted to know how navigation systems work ...

Study Mathematics at LIT
Academic Area


Because you want to understand how our universe works ...

Study Physics at LIT
Academic Area

Computer Science.

Because you want to know how to delve into Virtual Reality ...

Study Computer Science at LIT