Bachelor's Degree in Business Law.

Innovation, technological progress, the digital economy, sustainability, environmental protection, regulation, compliance, and competition. During these challenging times, ensure your clear advantage by earning a Bachelor's degree in Business Law: A unique program at the crossroads of law and business, offering specialization options in future-oriented subject areas.

As part of the Bachelor's degree program in Business Law, you will acquire an in-depth understanding of the law as well as a fundamental understanding of interrelationships in business. Three specialization areas (tracks) allow you to concentrate in key practice-related subject areas in business law and better understand change processes:

  • Track 1: Law, Technology, Digitalization
  • Track 2: Law, Resources, Sustainability
  • Track 3: Law, Markets, Businesses


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Key Facts


Bachelor of Business Law / LL.B.


6 semesters


180 credits


German (Level C1)

What Makes the Bachelor's Degree Program in Business Law Special?

  • Target-oriented studies at the crossroads of legal and business issues
  • In-depth methodological expertise plus hands-on applicability skills
  • Concentrated studies in business law
  • Attractive subject area specialization options in the areas of legal studies, technology and digitalization, the law, resources and sustainability, or law, the markets and business
  • The Law in Practice/Court in Class program: Interdisciplinary, hands-on learning as part of real-world case studies and moot court sessions 
  • May be combined as an additional academic qualification with another Bachelor's degree program or the JKU’s Diploma degree program in law

The Recommended Study Plan

The Bachelor's degree program requires completing courses totaling 180 ECTS credits in the following subject areas

Subject Area ECTS Credits
Fundamentals of Law 23
The Law in a Business Context 55
Fundamentals of Social Sciences, Business & Economics 45
Specialization Area as an Elective* 43
Bachelor's Seminar and Thesis in a Specialization Area 5
Autonomous Coursework 9
Total Credits 180


*In regard to the elective field of specialization, you can choose from the following three options:

1. "Law, Technology, Digitalization" is divided into the following subject areas:

  • Law-related specialization subject areas in the field of technology, innovation and digitization
  • Specialization subject areas in business administration and fundamentals of technology in innovation and digitization

2. "Law, Resources, Sustainability" is divided into the following subject areas:

  • In-depth legal studies in the field of environment, resources and sustainability
  • In-depth legal studies in the field of environmental protection, resources and sustainability

3. "Law, Markets, Businesses" is divided into the following subject areas:

  • Specialization in legal aspects of market regulation and entrepreneurship
  • Specialization in business and economics related to market regulation and entrepreneurship

Additional Information

Sections of the program can be completed online via the MuSSS (Multimedia Studies Services SOWI) program.

Academic credit earned as part of the Bachelor's degree program in Business Law can transfer to count toward the Diploma degree program in Law.

Studies Introduction and Orientation Phase (StEOP)

New students will be required to complete the StEOP requirements at the beginning of the Bachelor's degree program. The StEOP requirements consist of certain courses that are outlined in the curriculum. Before completing the StEOP courses, you can only get limited academic credit when you take additional courses.

BA in Business Law: The Main Areas of Focus

  • You will initially focus on the foundations of law and business, developing in-depth expertise in public law, private law, and European business law, as well as in business criminal law.
  • Afterwards, you will select a field of specialization and write your Bachelor's thesis in this area:
    • Law, Technology, Digitalization: "Students focus on the legal and economic challenges of digital transformation. We provide students with a solid, interdisciplinary, and hands-on curriculum designed to prepare them to take on professional responsibilities in a 'digital economy'." Univ. Prof. Dr. Philipp Homar
    • Area of Specialization in Law, Resources, Sustainability: "When it comes to environmental protection and energy transition, sustainability and social responsibility, precaution and risk management, the law is faced with many, often new, questions relating to its economic and social contexts. Students will acquire an expert understanding of environmental and sustainability law, as well as sustainability management, and will possess the ability to address real-world issues." Univ. Prof. Dr. Erika Wagner
    • Area of Specialization in Law, Markets, Business: "When it comes to problem-solving strategies, corporate issues often require a more holistic, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approach. Students acquire the capability to not only identify diverse legal issues that arise during day-to-day business activities, but also how these issues come about. Students learn how to independently address these issues in a structured manner." Univ. Prof. Dr. Eveline Artmann

What You Will Learn: Business Law at the JKU

The program is based on legal and business foundations:

  • You study the fundamentals of private law, public law, and corporate criminal law and then build on what you have learned to acquire in-depth expertise in private commercial law, public commercial law, business-relevant areas in European and international law, corporate law, labor and social law, tax law, and bankruptcy law.
  • You focus on general issues relating to the legal aspects of digital transformation and the law.
  • You will possess a fundamental understanding of key issues in business administration (such as financial accounting, marketing and organization) and economics, as well as address issues at the crossroads of law & business.
  • You not only focus on a track of your choice within a core thematic area at the crossroads of law and economics, you also write your Bachelor's thesis in the field of law.
  • Depending on the subject area, you will strengthen your ability to grasp complex legal issues in light of their specific economic, technological, or sociological background, and successfully devise solutions.

Your Career Prospects

As a graduate, you can work in a dynamic environment, applying key legal literacy skills that include grasping new concepts quickly and supporting change in a qualified legal manner. Prospective job opportunities include

  • working at a large company's legal department as part of the corporate legal counsel team
  • working at a company's department of human resources, strategy, or procurement
  • working in the field of sustainability management, corporate social responsibility, and/or corporate compliance
  • working at a bank or insurance company, at an infrastructure / utility company ( for example, in transportation, energy, or telecommunications), working for special regulatory or supervisory authorities, or working in the public sector (such  as in administration, social insurance, chambers, interest groups)
  • becoming actively and socially involved by shaping change processes resulting from digitization and supporting sustainability transformation measures.
  • graduates acquire essential skills that allow them to take on leadership responsibilities in, for example, the area of management
„I studied business law because it provided good insight into both areas of business and the law. Holding this degree has opened the door to many career opportunities for me.“
Graduate of the Bachelor's degree program in Business Law
Portrait Oberwimmmer

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Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to the Bachelor's degree program, you must fulfill the following requirements

  • Hold general higher education entrance qualifications (such as an Austrian "Matura" diploma)
  • If the language of study is not your mother tongue, you will also need to provide proof of language proficiency.

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