Finance and Accounting.

The Master's degree program in Finance and Accounting provides an in-depth study of various business practices, focusing on real-world applications. The program has been designed for students who wish to enhance their professional qualifications as well as acquire an academically-based educational foundation.
Students focus in detail on areas in finance, banking, financial accounting, managerial accounting, public and non-profit finance and accounting , and tax management. Students can choose to specialize in corporate finance / managerial accounting, or accounting / tax management.

Your Benefits

  • Specialize in Finance and Managerial Accounting, Accounting, and Tax Management
  • Work closely with the local business community
  • Learn from international faculty members
  • Acquire business expertise and hone application-oriented, methodological skills
  • Earn academic qualifications and hone leadership skills for various professions

Master's Degree in
Finance and Accounting


Master of Science (MSc)


4 Semesters


120 Credits



Program Objectives, Job Opportunities, Career Prospects


Capital markets and business today increasingly demand interdisciplinary and highly qualified expertise in both accounting as well as tax & management accounting. By taking an integrated approach to modern financial management in business, public administration and private non-profit organizations, the Master's degree program in Finance and Accounting focuses on many current issues in business. Application-oriented teaching methods are used in the classroom to support specialized subject areas as well as hone individual and team skills in order solve problems and communicate effectively at a company.


Graduates can pursue a variety of challenging management positions at companies in Austria or abroad in the fields of finance, tax management, managerial accounting and financial accounting and apply their expertise

  • at a variety of companies in various fields of activity
  • in auditing, tax consulting or in controlling and consulting
  • in banking (such as portfoliomanagement, ...), treasury, investment controlling
  • in the public administration and/or non-profit management sector
  • in academia, teaching courses and/or conducting research


Recommended Study Plan

As part of the Master’s degree program, students are required to complete courses totaling 120 ECTS credits in the following areas

Basic of Finance & Accounting x      
Focus on Finance & Accounting (Finance & Managerial Accounting, Accounting and Tax Management)   x x  
Trends in Finance and Accounting     x  
Autonomous Coursework   x x x
Master's Thesis       x
Master's Thesis Seminar       x
Master's Thesis Colloquium       x
Master's Degree Examination       x

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's or Diploma Degree in Business Administration (WiWi JKU) or an undergraduate degree program equivalent in content and scope.

Contact the Admissions Office for additional information about the admission requirements.

Still Have Questions?

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