Master's Degree in Psychology.

featuring a specialization in Technology and Economy.

Do you track your workouts or stream music online? How does digitalization impact your health and occupational environment? This comprehensive graduate degree program combines conventional studies in psychology with practical applications that are a part of a digital society.

On one hand, the program provides conventional, base-knowledge education and a sound background in psychology focused on the human experience and human behavior as individuals and in groups as well as corresponding influences on individuals and on groups over an entire lifespan. Objectives include the ability to:

  • Understand individual, social, organizational and societal challenges
  • Meet these challenges through diagnostic assessments, consulting and intervention, diagnosis, counseling, and intervention

In addition, the program focuses on THE challenges all scientific disciplines currently face: Constant change processess in business, technology, society and culture as well as their impact on individuals, groups, and organization.

This is where the JKU Master's degree in Psychology builds bridges: You can acquire expertise and the strong skills needed set to help shape, drive and steer current change processes humanely and in a way that supports our well-being.


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Key Facts


Master of Science (MSc)


4 Semesters


120 Credits


German (Level C1),
individual seminars and option to submit thesis in English





Why this degree is particularly attractive

  • The only psychology degree program in Austria that specializes in technology and media as well as focusing on labor, health, and business.
  • Special fields in psychology include human-machine interaction, dealing with artificial intelligence, and robot psychology. Our collaboration with the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT) at the JKU gives us the opportunity to offer expertise and real-world experiences in these fields and subject areas.
  • The Master's degree in Psychology at the JKU focuses primarily on innovative survey methods (wearables, beacons, smart technologies, etc.)

Program Structure

As part of the Master’s degree program, students are required to complete courses totaling 120 ECTS credits in the following areas.

Subject Area

Offered in German only

ECTS Credits
Forschungs- & Evaluationsmethoden 10
Psychologische Diagnostik 11


  • Technik- & Medienpsychologie
  • Arbeits- & Organisationspsychologie
  • Wirtschaftspsychologie
  • Gesundheitspsychologie in Technologie & Wirtschaft


Projektarbeit / Kommunikation wissenschaftlicher Ergebnisse


Courses offered in German only.

Subject Area ECTS Credits

Grundlagenvertiefung (zwei Fächer zu je 6 ECTS zur freien Wahl)


  • Sozialpsychologie
  • Biologische Psychologie
  • Entwicklungspychologie
Ergänzungsfächer 6

Subject Area ECTS Credits
Begleitveranstaltung zur Praxis 10


All courses are in German only.

Subject Area ECTS Credits
Begleitlehrveranstaltungen zur Masterarbeit 30


All courses are in German only.

Subject Area ECTS Crecits
Freie Studienleistungen 12

Program Details

If you would like to learn more about the Master's degree program in Psychology, we strongly recommend taking a look at the  course catalog / curriculum

Areas of Specialization

The Master's degree program in Psychology at the JKU focuses on providing students with sound methodological expertise, real-world practices, as well as opportunities for hands-on experiences in fields of technology and business:

  • Psychology - Human experiences and behavior
  • Basic & advanced psychology skills (research methods, assessment and evaluation)
  • Hands-on practice in a real-world environment through external internships in psychology)
  • Specialization - Applications in Technology & Economy with a focus on supporting well-being & health in these areas.
    • Human-machine interaction, design/impact of technologically-mediated communication processes
    • New work environments (digitization, flexibilization, etc.) and their impact on people individuals and organizations

What You Will Learn in the Program

  • Empirical research, and the description, explanation, evaluation and prediction of human experiences and human behavior
  • The application of psychological knowledge to create psychologically healthy living and working conditions
  • Applied areas such as technical and media psychology, work, organizational and economic psychology as well as health psychology the theoretical conception, application and evaluation of

  • Psychological technologies, such as internet-based assessment, counseling and intervention
  • Psychological measures in the business and healthcare context, such as employee selection and human resource development, job design, market and consumer research, preventative healthcare and health promotion, public health

You will acquire

  • The basis for a post-graduate education degree in Austria (Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology)
  • The right to professionally bear the title of "Psychologist" in Austria (Psychologists Act 2013)

The JKU Master's degree program in Psychology fulfills the substantive recommendations as outlined by the German Psychological Society for a general Master's degree in Psychology with a specialized focus.

Your Career Prospects

We have designed the Master's degree in Psychology at the JKU to include a strong focus on methodological foundations. This opens the doors to a variety of professional fields, including:

  • Healthcare and Social Service Sector
  • Business / Management Consulting
  • Technological Development
  • Research
  • Education and Teaching

  • Job analysis and design
  • Planning, implementing, and evaluating health promotion measures
  • Employee selection & human resources development
  • Implementing modern management and leadership concepts
  • Designing and evaluating multimedia educational materials
  • Planning and conducting usability studies
  • Conducting market and opinion research
  • Accompanying organizational change processes / agile corporate development
  • ...and much more

  • As a company psychologist, you analyze and design jobs that give employees higher job satisfaction, keep them healthy, and able to work more efficiently. These measures will help to reduce work accidents, burnout, sick leave, and high employee turnover.
  • As a psychologist at a market research institute, you help to analyze consumer needs and behaviors. This helps you better predict future trends and provide sound product and pricing recommendations.
  • As a psychologist in healthcare, you focus on the implementation and acceptance of new technologies such as healthcare robots, electronic health records, or workplace fitness trackers.

On average, graduates in this field find a job immediately after completing the program. After 3 years on the job, their average monthly gross salary is € 3.127.

„"Our grad­uate degree program in psychology with a focus on 'Tech­nology and Economy’  is unique in Austria. Students learn how to shape change processes in tech­nology and business in a way that promotes everyone's well-being."
Univ. Prof. Dr. Bernad Batinic
Studies Commission, Chairman

Admission to Studies


In order to be admitted to the Master's degree program, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • If your first language is not German, you will be required to submit proof of C1 level of language proficiency in German.
  • Hold a Bachelor's/Diploma degree in Psychology earned at a university or recognized post-secondary educational institution in Austria or abroad, and
  • successfully complete the admissions procedure (Information provided in German only)

Still Have Questions?

Then contact us!


Admissions Office


Bank Building

Start Your Studies - Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to the admissions procedure beginning with entering your personal information to paying tuition fees! We have also summarized all of the important information about the admissions procedure for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Master's degree program Psychology at the Johannes Kepler University is a general psychology degree program with a specialized focus of application. This means you have a sound general education in psychological methods and theories, but with an emphasis on applying psychological insights in technological and economic fields.

Many degree programs in Economic or Business Psychology have been designed to complement a non-psychology undergraduate degree program such as Business Administration or Economics. These programs usually focus on economics and/or interdisciplinary education with insights into the field of psychology.

In contrast, the Master's degree program at the JKU is an "academic degree program in Psychology" in a strict sense. In accordance with the Austrian Psychologists Act, program graduates are "psychologists" and during the program, students acquire the necessary educational basis for post-graduate studies in health or clinical psychology. They are therefore free to choose a profession from the full range of psychological careers. Graduates can pursue professions directly in business or technical fields or at the interface between these areas and "conventional" areas, such as health psychology or psychological assessment.

Still Have Questions?

Do you need help registering or do you have questions about the program? Contact the JKU's Office of Student Information and Academic Advising (SIBS)!

We have staff members on hand to answer any questions you may have about the program. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require more detailed information.

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After successfully completing the Master's degree program, you can opt to pursue a doctorate degree:

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