Doctorate Degree in Engineering Sciences.

Development, Construction, Production: What does the future of technology look like? The doctorate degree program in Engineering Sciences focuses on independently exploring new scientific issues

Ph.D. candidates are trained to become scientists by learning how to formulate issues in-depth and conduct research at an international level. Your dissertation will explore new concepts and allow you to develop your methodological skills in a field of natural sciences under the academic guidance of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Independent scientific research is the focus, based on your undergraduate and graduate studies. Nothing can stand in the way of a research-oriented profession, at the university or outside of academia.

Doctorate Degree in Engineering Sciences

Degree: / Dr. techn.


6 semesters


180 Credits


German or English

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Job Opportunities, Career Prospects

A Ph.D. degree is often required in order to pursue an academic or scientific career at institutions of higher education (universities or universities of applied sciences), at competence centers, or at other non-university affiliated research institutions, particularly to pursue a post-doctorate or professorship. In addition, Ph.D. degrees are beneficial for a career in industry, such attaining a senior position in the field of industrial research.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants to the doctorate degree program must have successfully completed a Master's or Diploma degree in a corresponding subject area in engineering or technical sciences.

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