Molecular BioSciences.

Molecular Biology is the study of life’s fundamental building blocks. The Bachelor’s degree program in Molecular BioSciences at the JKU gives students an opportunity to acquire a new perspective of general biology, molecular genetics, chemistry, physics, and biophysics. Throughout the program, students benefit from the expertise provided by faculty members at both the Johannes Kepler University of Linz and the University of Salzburg. The interdisciplinary program includes a wide scope of required subjects and the hands-on aspects make the program particularly attractive!

Your Benefits

  • Diverse program taught at two universities
  • Hands-on skills to address real-world issues
  • Individual student support services
  • Interdisciplinary, internationally recognized program
  • Individual specialization


Bachelor's Degree in
Molecular BioSciences


Bachelor of Science (BSc)


6 Semesters


Linz and Salzburg


180 Credits



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Program Objectives, Job Opportunities, Career Prospects


Students in the Bachelor’s degree program in Molecular Biosciences develop an in-depth understanding of the principles associated with research-based learning. The program is comprehensive and students take courses that allow them to confront complex questions relating to various areas of molecular biosciences at both the cellular and systemic level. The combination of courses at the interface of chemistry, mathematics and biology mean that students can conduct research on a molecular-chemical level at universities, clinics, research facilities, and public agencies. The program includes courses in ethics and gender awareness as well as soft skills and language proficiency in order to present academic work publicly both in English and German.


Graduates can pursue professions in:

  • Research and development in base-knowledge sciences at universities
  • Research and development in medicine and pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology, bioanalytics and medical diagnostic analytics
  • Media and public relations work focusing on new molecular biotechnologies
  • Public administration
  • Adult education


Recommended Study Plan

As part of the Bachelor’s degree program, students are required to complete courses totaling 180 ECTS credits in the following areas:

SEMESTER S1* S2* S3** S4** S5*** S6***
Fundamentals of Biology x x        

Fundamentals of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

x x        
Soft Skills   x     x  

Organic and Analytical Chemistry

    x x    

Physics, BioPhysics and Data Analysis

    x x    

Molecular BioSystems Analysis and Bio-Technologies

    x x    

BioChemistry and Molecular Genetics

        x x
Functional Cell Biology         x x
Subject Electives/Modules         x x
Bachelor's Seminar, including Thesis         x  
Autonomous Coursework   x   x x x

*Salzburg **Linz ***Linz, Salzburg

Admission Requirements

  • General higher education entrance qualifications (such as an Austrian “Matura” diploma); pre-register online at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (Online Pre-Registration).

Contact the Admissions Office for additional information about the admission requirements.

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