Multi-Media/Distance Learning.

Are you working or currently caring for children or family members? Do you want to spend little time at the university and prefer to study at home free of time and location constraints? Then learn more here about multi-media and distance learning programs at the JKU!

Distance Learning Opportunities at the JKU

Center for Distance Learning

The Center for Distance Learning Austria at the Johannes Kepler University Linz is your partner when it comes to earning your Master's or Bachelor's degree at the FernUniversität in Hagen. Personal support services play a key role here.

Center for Distance Learning

Multi-Media Diploma Degree Program in Law

The multi-media Diploma degree program in Law is a top-quality, state-of-the-art academic degree program that gives students from around the world the flexibility to pursue a law degree free of time and location constraints.

Institute for Legal Studies in Linz


MuSSS (Multimedia Studies Service SOWI)

MuSSS is based on a blended learning approach, meaning the program consists of a combination of elements from both the multi-media distance learning program and on-site courses. To alleviate the long commute for students located far away from campus, on-site courses in areas outside of Linz (such as in Gmunden, for example), are available based on the demand.

MuSSS Programs


Moodle is an open source e-learning tool designed to complement features of KUSSS. The course administrators will provide information on whether or not a specific course has Moodle support. Moodle courses provide you with forums, course materials and activities that include being able to submit homework assignments or Wikis. The content is only available to participants enrolled in that particular class.

JKU Moodle