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Institute of General Practice
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General Medicine in the
21st Century Starts Today.

Family Medicine

General practitioners are expected to provide safe, modern, and high-quality patient care.. Practice-for-practice research aims to address future challenges and better implement evidence-based medicine to support general practitioners.

"From practice-for-practice" – The institute's motto stands for educational advancement and cutting-edge research in general medicine conducted by academic employees and faculty members. We take modern educational concepts into account, along with general practitioners' input and evidence-based healthcare research.

The team applies its experience directly to research and education by incorporating the institute's work together with expertise by general practitioners in their practices.

Our goal is to provide students with hands-on, real-world primary care medicine that not only looks at the illness, but also focuses on the individual, including lifestyle, symptoms, his/her individual personality, and personal life story as part of that individual's social environment. In this regard, we want to raise awareness and interest in general practice as part of primary care services in more rural areas, motivating students to pursue advanced education in general medicine.

In line with our motto "general practice can only be learned at a general practice", our faculty of physicians and the institute facilitate areas where students can experience medical practices at a GP practice, be it during the elective internship year or during a clinical traineeship. 

We appreciate the partnership and relationship we have with general practitioners as well as clinics, institutes and other institutions. They are important to us and an important area of our field in an effort to support education, training, and continual education as well as the general medical profession and research in health services.