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Best Paper Award to Philipp Albrecht-Zagar and Rudolf Scheidl in 2022

For the paper „A Piezo-Electric Valve Actuator for Hydraulic Exoskeleton Drives“ Philipp Albrecht-Zagar and Rudolf Scheidl was given the Best Paper Award of the „International Journal of Fluid Power“ 2022, vol 23 iss 3.

The paper deals with the development of a prototype of a piezo-electric actuator which uses a buckling beam as an element to switch a hydraulic valve. It focuses on modelling and design aspects of such an actuator and describes different subsystems of the prototype such as the piezo, the buckling beam or the bearing.

For Philipp Albrecht-Zagar it is the first Best Paper Award. You can view the whole interview on https://youtu.be/rLs7N8-etY8, opens an external URL in a new window .