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The Career Center
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The JKU Career Network for Students.

One for all, all for one.

Your success is our success and together, it's easier. Student members can take advantage of a wide range of services and consultation, including career events, internships, mentoring programs, and continual education. Each new member contributes to our expertise. You won't want to miss out! This is the only place where you will find a broad spectrum of opportunities and momentum to give you the head start you're looking for. This is the JKU Career Center.


When it comes to jobs and careers, the JKU Career Center is your first stop!

Membership Fee

JKU Students

€ 10.00 (once for the duration of your studies)


+43 732 2468 5131

To all of those studying at the JKU who aspire to accomplish more with their ambitions and drive, we offer:

  • Professional support during your studies, job entry information, and additional career planning services
  • Indispensable continual education opportunities in a variety of areas
  • Over 100 exclusive annual activities and events to become even more inspired and learn more
  • Access to some of the country's most successful and professional opinion leaders
  • Regular contact with (former) classmates and a unique sense of unity.

What We Offer:

Membership fees are used to fund our services. In short, the money you pay is used to your benefit, as well as that of your fellow students. The unique JKU spirit is based on this strong community.

Student membership is a one-time fee of € 10 for the entire duration of your studies, and the first year after you graduate is free of charge (student membership does NOT apply to PhD candidates). This is our gift to you! After that, you only pay an annual team fee of € 40 to access diverse, unique opportunities. Incidentally, everything is very flexible and you can cancel your membership at any time.