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News & Events

Key exchange Monika & Conny

Key exchange at the Institute for Algebra

Monika Peterseil transfers administrative responsibilities for the institute to her successor Cornelia Strasser.

Integration in Finite Terms: Fundamental Sources

New book on Symbolic Integration

The book edited by Michael Singer and Clemens Raab on the milestones of integration in finite terms has just appeared.

Flag of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Team for the International Mathematics Olympiad trains at JKU.

We are happy to support the national team of Ukraine by organizing a training and selection camp in Linz.

Long Night of Scence 2022

Long Night of Research 2022

If you know algebra, you can not only compute with numbers but also with other things.

flag of ukraine

Yurii Zhuchok receives a JESH Fellowship

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Yurii Zhuchok, who is a visiting member of our institute since he left Ukraine with his family because of the…


Manfred Buchacher completes his Ph.D. studies

Manfred Buchacher successfully defended his thesis "Algorithms for the Enumeration of Lattice Walks" today.

Manuel Kauers

Prof. Kauers becomes chair of Stuko TM

He was elected as successor of Prof. Hinrichs in today's meeting. Prof. Hinrichs was elected as new vice-chair.


Open University Assistant Position

At the Institute for Algebra, a 6-year position for a university assistant with Ph.D. is currently available.

Georg Regensburger

Georg Regensburger becomes Professor

We congratulate on being appointed as professor for computer algebra at the university of Kassel.