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News & Events

Key Exchange Cornelia to Petra

Again a Key Exchange

Cornelia Strasser transfers administrative responsibilities for the institute to her successor Petra Schiefermüller.

Moosbauer-Kauers Award

Distinguished Paper Award at ISSAC'23

Manuel Kauers and Jakob Moosbauer received the SIGSAM distinguished paper award at this year's ISSAC in Tromso.

Philipp Nuspl

Philipp Nuspl completes his Ph.D. studies

We are pleased to announce that our colleague Philipp Nuspl has successfully defended his Ph.D. studies today. His thesis was written under the…


Papers at ISSAC'23

The Institute for Algebra is proud to have six accepted papers at this year's ISSAC.


Ph.D. student positions available

We are looking for excellent people interested in doing a Ph.D. in computer algebra in Linz or in Paris.

Journal of Computational Algebra

Prof. Kauers joins the editorial board of the Journal of Computational Algebra.

The Journal of Computational Algebra is a recently founded open access journal published by Elsevier. Its editorial board under the direction of Prof.…


LARD 2022/2

The next Linz Algebra Research Day takes place on December 12.


Lixin Du completes her Ph.D. studies

We are pleased to announce that our colleague Lixin Du has successfully defended her Ph.D. studies today. Her thesis was written under the joint…

Manuel Kauers and Jakob Moosbauer

Matrix Multiplication Record

Manuel Kauers and Jakob Moosbauer showed that 5x5 matrices mod 2 can be multiplied with only 95 multiplications.