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SOKO JKU: Philipp Schwarz was awarded the Adolf Adam Computer Science Prize for his program, which can read usable profiles even from badly preserved fingerprints. More info: bit.ly/36TlCoz, öffnet eine externe URL in einem neuen Fenster


Today in lecture hall 1 the awarding of the Adolf-Adam-Informatics-Prize 2019 took place. The 4 best master theses of the year 2019 selected by a preliminary jury were presented in crisp 10-minute lectures. We had a record attendance of about 500 students from all over Upper Austria, who acted as jury and by means of SMS voting voted Philipp Schwarz from LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab (Master thesis at the Institute for Computational Perception) as winner.

The atmosphere was great. The students were very impressed by all the presentations. The Adam Prize is the most important PR event of our department for students.

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