The symposium is organized at the Campus of the Johannes Kepler University. As place for the Symposium the Mangagement Center is chosen for the welcome ceremony (reception) and for the DAS37-Symposium.


A map of the buildings at the Campus of the Johannes Kepler University, where also the science park 1 and the mangement center can be seen. 

JKU Campusplan gesamt

The welcome and registration on Tuesday afternoon is at the ground floor of the Science Park 1.

gehende Studierende vor Science Park Unterführung JKU Campus Science Park Fassade Detailansicht JKU Campus Science Park 2 und 3 Außenansicht

The symposium will be held at the ground floor of the Management Center.

JKU Campusplan Managementzentrum JKU Campus Managementzentrum Außenansicht JKU Managementzentrum Gebäudeansicht

The Johannes Kepler University is located near the city of Linz. The distance to the center of Linz is about 6 km. You can find more information about the city here.